Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Philippe Petite Poem - Andrew Balsiger

     When I went to write this poem my goal was to have it rhyme. That was the hardest part, but with the help of a thesaurus and I was able to make it happen. I planned out in my head a general idea of what I wanted to say during my drive home and then just started putting those to words when I got home.

Good old Philippe Petite
Put on a show that was rather neat
He arrived in New York in 1974
Looked up at the towers and thought his dream was no more
From the Bottom it looked impossible
So he went to the top and still thought it wasn't plausible
But Philippe did not concede
His goal to cross the Twin Towers was going to proceed

On August 6, 8 months later, he went up the tower
His stunt getting closer with every new hour
1362 feet high
He shot a bow and arrow through the night sky
Carrying a wire from roof to roof
His Idea would work and this was proof
As the morning sun of August seventh began to show
Many hectic New Yorkers were present below
As Philippe walked out on the cable
His dream was now no longer a fable

For him the walk was very easy
Luckily for him it was not to breezy
He made 8 passes from roof to roof
Without making a fatal goof
For 45 minutes his performance went on
As more and more New Yorkers began to spawn
Unfortunately though for him it was requested
That when he came down that he be arrested
14 crimes were charged against him at first
However soon after they were all reversed
Instead he was made to put on a show
For little children in Central Park below


  1. I LOVE your poem! I think that the rhyming scheme AB which usually is generic, fits your poem perfectly bringing to life the story of Philippe Petite and giving it a comedic Doctor Seuss feel. When I was reading it I was almost racking my brain for a nursery rhyme to match your poem to lol. All around, good work!

  2. This poem is really good! I loved the rhyming in your poem! I cannot rhyme to save my life so I am really fascinated by how you could rhyme and have it still contribute with the event!

  3. I like how you were able to effectively use rhyming in this poem. Your use of rhyming really helps the events that go on in it to stand out from each other.

  4. wow, your poem is really good! I love poems that rhyme and I know it's difficult to do(I had trouble with mine). You also got a lot of info into yours about what happened. Nicely done!

  5. I love the rhythm that comes along with your poem. It makes it MUCH more easier to read, and adds to the flow of the poem.


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