Sunday, September 7, 2014

Exploration Two: Shravan Patel.

Hi everybody, I am shravan patel. I graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School.I am a biology major at OSUM. The fun fact I shared in class was that I am a professional ice cream scooper and can speak 4 languages. I work at Grater's Ice Cream which makes me a professional ice cream scooper. The reason I can speak 4 languages is because I was raised in a bilingual household, then when I moved to India I became fluent in the third language. And in high school I learned my fourth language. Some of my hobbies are playing tennis, watching movies and hanging out with friends. I am a biology major because the way living organisms function internally interests me and I hope to go to medical school after graduating from OSU.
I did my research on Frederick Douglass. I found out that Douglass was the most famous and respected african american during his time. He believed that education of african american slaves was the key to end slavery. The most interesting thing I found on Douglass was that he was the first african american to be nominated as the vice president of the united states,as Victoria Woodhull's running mate. I found this fact interesting because during that time it was almost impossible to imagine an african american holding such a high government position.   
       My favorite poem was For Brothers Everywhere by Tim Seibles. The other two poems were very influential, but I liked this one because of various reasons. First of all its based on basketball, the language also stands out. I like how Seibles' uses simile and metaphors, all connecting to basketball to convey his message. The question I have about this poem is why did the author write this piece of literature. 
      A piece of literature that had an impact on me was a book called Fearless, which I read for my senior year assignment. Fearless, is a biography on a fallen navy SEAL, Adam Brown. I initially chose this book because it was the only book that looked interesting to me. But, as I started reading Fearless I got drawn into it. The book is basically about Adam Brown's life and the obstacles he had to overcome to become a SEAL. However, the obstacles that Brown had to overcome were not only the tough and rigorous training of the SEAL's; but he also suffered from drug abuse and other accidents he experienced on the battlefield, for example an IED explosion which caused substantial damage to his dominant hand, he was also shot in his dominant eye causing him to loose sight. Even though these accidents put him back to square one, he didn't give up and eventually joined the most elite force of the United States military, SEAL team 6. After reading this book I realized that if Adam Brown, a normal citizen, can overcome such obstacles to achieve his goal. So can everyone else. And, thus I began to give my best at whatever I did and didn't become disappointed when I failed at something, I just tried again until I achieved my goal.    


  1. You speak four languages now, do you still have more languages that you would like to learn?

  2. I had no idea Frederick Douglass was Into politics, that's cool.

  3. My intended major at the end of my senior year was also to be a biology major, but i switched my majors last minute because Health Sciences was a better major for me to study because it leads straight to the dentistry program! Its awesome that you can speak four languages! I can speak three :)

  4. I would definitely agree with you that working at Grater's makes you a professional ice cream scooper ;) You want to hook me up with some free ice cream??? =D And props to you for learning (and remembering) 4 languages. I've been taught Spanish since 3rd grade but I still forget most of it! On top of that it's difficult just to keep up with English haha.

  5. 4 languages is a lot I struggled trying to learn spanish in high school learning 4 would seem like a nightmare to me.

  6. I think it is super cool and super crazy that you can speak 4 languages! I took four years of Spanish in high school, but I'm not very good at it. I love the idea of speaking it and want to soo bad, but I just don't think I'm capable of it. But good for you! That's going to help you so much later on!


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