Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploration Two: Jorden Greene

        My name is Jorden Greene and my fun fact was that my brother had just gotten home from a deployment to Afghanistan. I am a Freshman and the major that I have chosen is in accounting. I hope to use that degree to work at my towns local bank. I am a gamer and I love to spend time with my friends and girlfriend. My favorite video game is the Mass Effect series, I can't pick just one.

Kayce (Sister-in-Law), Ken (Brother), Chuck (Dad), and I
          I did some research on Frederick Douglass. The most interesting fact that I found about him was that he advised some presidents on how things should go. He talked with President Lincoln on the treatment of black soldiers and he also talked with President Johnson on black suffrage. I found this to be very interesting because in that time black people were not well liked and for him to be able to talk with presidents on black rights makes him a very important man.

          I found that the poem Songs for the People was my favorite of the three. It talked of rallying and empowerment. The poem spoke of protection of the weak and end of war and crime. This poem has more meaning, more story and heart in it than most pop-culture songs. The poem is very clear and straight forward.

         The book that I encountered my literacy event with is Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir. While reading this book it got me thinking about religion and my faith. Oddly enough this memoir about one of the pioneers of thrash metal did have aspects of Christianity. Mustaine turned Christian after many trips to rehab and he talks about on the way how he encountered his faith and his fight with it, trying to figure out just what he does believe. It made me think what I personally believed and just exactly how I should show it.


  1. I like what you have to say about your literacy event that influenced you. I believe that faith will find its way to your heart if you let it which is what it sounds like Mustaine did.

  2. Earlier today in my history of communication class I Iearned that the first form of writting was created for accountancy purposes. So I guess we owe written language to your professional ancesters

  3. hey Jorden, i like the work on Fredrick Douglass tat you did. i believe he was an important person in history. He did some important things like meet with US presidents about blacks role in society. i liked your work on his background. there is some very interesting stuff


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