Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brandon Kilgore Exercise One: Poem

This is my poem. My writing process consisted of starting with the first event and just going in order of the events. When I write I usually just have to write something no matter how bad it is because if I try to make it really goo the first time it will never get done. After, I go back and make changes too it which is a lot easier once you have something written. I got my ideas from the video because of the language in it and the suspense it builds. Thanks for reading my poem.

Old, dirty, full of skyscrapers, I love It, He said.
Looking down on New York like an astronaut,
defying the odds, becoming a legend.
Time, work, effort, it all comes down to this.

The first step. Gaining composure, faith,
and doing what he dreamed of for years.
Up there all alone, Philippe, the 1/4 inch wire,
and all 1300 feet of empty air above New York.

People gather below in awe.
Unable to speek of what they're seeing.
More and more people gather to watch the wonder,
Thoughts racing through their head, who is that?

Philippe is in his element.
The cops show up, speechless unable to do anything,
Philippe lays down on the wire, no one can believe their eyes.
He decides his act is over, and gets off the wire after 45mins.

The police immediately take him into custody,
All charges were dropped,
he was ordered to perform for children in the park as punishment.
A small price to pay to accomplish a dream.


  1. Your poem does a really good job of describing everything that took place and has a lot of facts in it. Good job!

  2. This is a good poem, he sought out his dreams, and even if it meant getting in trouble for it it is worth the risk.

  3. I really enjoyed this poem. It told the whole story without going into the fine details and it told it in a very creative way.

  4. I like how your poem has a lot of facts in it and the mood you set with it.

  5. I like how the poem runs smoothly! I also think it was a good choice to start off your poem with a quote by Philippe Petite. The ending stanza was well-put to a conclude the event.

  6. I like how you encorperated Petites words and thoughts in your poem.


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