Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dream Walk Haley Miner

I started writing my poem and I was having trouble so I first started to think of the ABAB pattern and that failed so I stopped doing that and just wrote. It was really hard for me to write the poem because I was never much of a poet and I always hated to write poetry in class because I was never really good at it. I knew i had to get this poem done so I really just wrote and thought it worked.

Dream Walk
By Haley Miner
New York 1974
Old, dirty, and full of skyscrappers
Philippe Petit saw New York's shore.
 His dream was impossible,
Impossible but i'll do it he said.
On top of the south tower is where
The lightbulb was lit.
Fishing line was shot
From South Tower to North
Eight times he crossed
Yet his balance was never lost.
Not a tight rope walker, a tight rope dancer
Philippe Petit's dream was finally answered
Big dreams impossible? I think not.


  1. i really like this poem and thought you did a great job! i like how you used short and concise lines and the rhetorical question at the end, great job!


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