Saturday, September 6, 2014

Exploration Two Cody Compton

       My name is Cody Compton. I graduated from River Valley High School last year. I am studying  Animal Biosciences as my major. My fun fact from class on Wednesday was that I want to be a large animal/ equine vet. I want to be an equine vet because there are so many different fields you can get into with it. I own my own horse whose name is Candle, he's a Off-the-Track-Thoroughbred. His race horse name was, Light the Candles, which is why he is just called Candle. 

This is a picture of me 
         The most interesting thing I found about Frederick Douglass, was that he was a trusted adviser to Abraham Lincoln, a Recorder of Deeds for Washington D.C., and a United States Marshal for the District of Columbia. I thought this was interesting because it was unheard of in his time for African Americans to hold such positions. I also thought this was interesting because he pretty much started from no where and worked his way up to holding positions in Washington, D.C.

     My favorite poem from the handout was, Bury Me in a Free Land.  It was my favorite poem because I liked the authors language and subject. The language stood out in the 5th stanza, "I'd shudder and start if I heard the bay of blood-hounds seizing their human prey," it stood out to me because it portrayed some of the horrible acts of slavery. A question i have about the poem is, so was the author buried in free land or slave-owning land?

    A piece of writing that impacted me was The Glass Castle. In this writing the author, Jeannette Walls, wrote about her life growing up with a alcoholic dad and a neglecting mother, this impacted me because it showed me how hard her life was growing up. She grew up running from place to place and most of the time when her dad was actually around he was either drunk or passed out. Her mom refused to work and Jeanette and her brother and sisters would often have to force her to go to work when she did have a job. Although through all the problems the family had, they still loved and looked after each other. I am very fortunate to not have grown up in a family identical to theirs. My mom is always looking out for my siblings and I  and does everything she can to give us the best life possible. My dad only ever drinks a beer or two about once a week and has no problem holding a job like Jeanette's did. I have much respect for Jeannette for over coming her troubled past and making something of herself.

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  1. My favorite poem was also "Bury Me in a Free Land" for many of the some reasons. I agree that the use of language of the horrific events had a great effect in getting its point across and sticking with the reader more so then if she left some of the gory things out. I also wondered where she was buried and if her thoughts were kept in mind after she died!


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