Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Poem by Dillon Quigley

I started writing this with just the first thing that came to mind. Then i tried do the same while looking threw all that i wrote down from the video. I really tried to start making it rhyme but just hit a block with some things so it turned out  kinda goofy.

One year taught him all,
the tricks, the moves, how not to fall.
8 months taught him more, the towers
the build the entire core.

Passion prevails, impossible or not
he will give his all, all that he has got.
overwhelmed with simplicity
his dream right in front.
One foot in front next
now time for the true test

Inspiring story, rightfully so
i just hope one day 
i can be a man with no fear
and face the fantastic fate
doing the impossible. 

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  1. I tried to rhyme too, but then the whole poem sounded weird! I thought yours was great!


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