Tuesday, September 30, 2014

here is my response to DJ Gregory
1) Hey, so while i was watching this, i liked a lot of what DJ had to say. When DJ said, "I shoot anywhere from 105-118, but I love the game" I really took something from that, because to not be good at something, but still not give up on it, takes a lot. It means a ton of perseverance. Personally, I don't have that much at golf. When i hit above 95 i don't want to go out again for a long time. And i don't have any restrictions. To play and have a mind set like his is really an inspiration.
2) To me, the idea of the profile was about perseverance. The biggest take-away for me was that. My favorite quote was when he said, "You know, if I fall, I fall- you know, it's just another challenge. I'm gonna fall, so you know what, you get back up" He did something that no one able bodied does, walking the 900 plus miles of the entire PGA tour.
3)DJ's story reminds me of a girl from my church. She has down-syndrome, as well as a few other problems, and her doctors told her she would never be able to hold a job, live with professional personal care, or be able to do most everyday things that we do like going to the grocery store. Today, she lives with her sister, but isn't dependent on her, she does a lot of side things like getting groceries, and works part time at a local market.

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