Monday, September 8, 2014

Keeley Wise - Exploration Two

Hello, my name is Keeley Wise. My fun fact was that I want to have a career that allows me to travel the world, meaning to visit (for extended periods of time) and possibly live in the places where I can actually get a sense of culture, not the places that are all the same and are focused on making money and catering to tourists. Other than dreaming of the future when I get to see the world, I have the busy life of a full time student, employee at a long-term care facility, and mom of a wild three-year-old boy. The majority of my time is spent on those three commitments, but, in the elusive free time I have, I catch up with my family and friends. When I have serious downtime (almost never), I enjoy doing anything artistic, exploring new places, reading everything I can get my hands on, and doing anything I have never done before.

The author I chose to research is Eudora Welty, a woman who was not only a writer, but an artist. The most interesting thing that I found about Eudora was her photographs and pieces of art. Her photos and art were eclectic, serious, unique, and even comical. My favorite art of hers is a simple sketch of Hitler, including only the shape of his head and his mustache. It was unexpected and I laughed when I saw it, because she reduced such a complicated man and story to basically nothing but a mustache. To learn more about Eudora Welty or to view her photos and art, visit The Eudora Welty Foundation.

My favorite poem from the handout we received in class is “For Brothers Everywhere” by Tim Seibles because it was fast paced and current, and it felt was like he was actually speaking to his audience. In this poem, I noticed the rapid but fluid change between the language intended for his audience and playing the game and the language that described the beauty of the the way the men played the game. The language stood out when Seibles wrote smoothly of the ball in the men’s hands, which, in my head, I saw in slow motion, then immediately he transitioned to a fast pace when he wrote of the men actually throwing the ball.


  1. Hey Keeley! I think it's awesome that you can balance your job, your school work, and your home life! I think your son is so cute!! I've traveled to different countries, and I absolutly love traveling! It is so much fun and I wish to be able to find a job that allows you to travel for long periods of time because that sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. That’s really neat that your interest in a future career involves traveling the world for extended periods of time and getting a sense of the culture of places and people on a larger scale. It sounds like something similar to what I’d like to accomplish with my anthropology major. There’s something exciting and intriguing about getting to travel and experience cultures that differ from our own!

  3. Keeley, i like your story on your author you talked about, Tim Seibles. That is cool how he viewed things, and then as an artist and writer, allowed us to see some of the things that he saw, in a new light.

  4. that's awesome that you want to travel the world! i agree that it would be really cool to see places with real culture and not just where all the tourist go. I hope that one day you actually get to travel places you wanna go!

  5. I've personally always enjoyed travelling, mostly to just see what things are like in other places. All the tourists attractions just try to make money, they villages with culture are more realistic it seems.


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