Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploration Two Haley Miner

     My name is Haley Miner. I graduated from Harding High School. I have played soccer since i was seven and it is also one of my favorite sports but football is my favorite sport to watch. I am an animal person and I have a dog, Howie, and a bird, Rosie. I love doing things outside in summer but my favorite season is winter. My major is Early Childhood Education and I am really looking forward to teaching K-3.

My boyfriend and I 

     The author I researched was Tim Seibles. He is an American poet that will approach certain themes like racial tension and intimacy from many different angles as he writes his poetry. The fact he would approach themes in multiple angles and put them into one poem is what i found most interesting about this author.
     The poem I liked most was Bury Me in a Free Land because it really shows how people felt when there was slavary. Frances Harper wrote "I ask no monument, proud and high, To arrest the gaze of the passers-by; All that my yearning spirit craves, Is bury me not in a land of slaves." which shows me that she was talking about not caring if she had a big tombstone and all she wanted was to be buried in a land that slavary no longer existed. I never thought about how the slaves would have felt when it came to their death but this poem made me see they did not care about being known they just wanted to be buried in a free land.
     One piece of writing that impacted me was a section from The Glass Castle, when Jeanette lost her father and she felt uneasy whenever she would stay in one place for a while. It impacted me because like Jeanette I lost my father but I was only 16 when it happened and I find myself feeling better when I do things I did with my father. I noticed for her it was really hard at first losing her father but over time she found ways to deal with it and would always notice little things that made her feel like he was still with her in some form. For me it opened my eyes to realize that sometimes it is better to notice and appreciate the smaller things in life than the big things. When she noticed the candle flame moving but no windows were open and she knew it was her father showing her he was still there, which is such a small detail in life but such a huge thing for her because she now feels like she is connected with her father again. I now notice small things that may not mean something to anyone else but is a sign to me that my father is still here for me even if i cannot see him.

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