Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hans Hartle: Walking the line

   Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your day and I appreciate you taking time to read my poem. Although it is not the finest piece of literature, I am more than pleased with how it turned out. sure it may be in need of further revision, however this is the version which I will leave with you all. My inspiration for righting this was just music. Even though the poem does not match lyrically with any song, the flow and rhyme came from me repeating songs I had listened to the previous night. While I write, I generally do not take large amounts of time to get my idea down on paper. As I am writing, my mind jumps 5 steps ahead of me already knowing what to right (in this case the next stanza). The difficult part of writing is finding the perfect bridge to cover the void between each set of ideas. After this I reread my sentences and try to improve the flow so that my readers can understand my ideas. Anyways, without further a due, here is my poem.

Walking the line

by Hans Hartle

Following a dream
   to look down at the world.
To break human barriers,
    and try not to hurl.

By walking the line
   and paying small fines,
he gave the world a chance
to be awestruck at a glance,
   in seeing this man
      consumed by the clouds
         and waving his hand.

He laughed and he smiled;
   but knew when his act was done.
As his feet hit the ground,
he preached about his fun.

   After all his work,
   eight months had not gone to waste.
He had sparked inspiration, and opened the gates;
   of maintaining great hope and following your dream.
      But most important of all,
   to look down on the world and
remember the city cheer and scream.


  1. I really like the arrangement of the poem with the spacing and all, it helps me realize which lines are more significant, I feel like where the closer farther they are, "the deeper" the line goes.

  2. Hans, I really liked your poem. Even though you say it jumps around, it is still easy enough to follow! I like how you talked about him being consumed in the clouds. Its a great metaphor to emphasis just how high up he really was! I still think it is incredible someone was that high in the air without anything like a net, parachute, harness. Crazy!

  3. The last paragraph is very inspirational and compelling.


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