Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brainstorming and Questions go here. From Mike Lohre

Students, now that you have your prompt for Essay One, the Profile, please brainstorm three good ideas for a subject for this project.  Make sure at least one idea is a person and one is a public place.  Let's get as many good ideas out there and why.

Post these three brainstorm ideas in the Comments section under this post of mine so we have all the subject ideas in one place.

Write the subject and one sentence explaining why you think it would be a good choice.  What angle might you take?

In addition, create two good questions for an interview that you think  you could ask of anybody.  Strive to create a good question that is not a yes/no question.

So in total,in the Comments below this post, brainstorm:

3 topics for Essay One.
2 good questions that might be used in an interview with anyone.

Good luck!



  1. #1 Do a profile on the Hardware Exchange store in Delaware, this would be a good choice because its an old family owned store with many stories, and they do what they can to help the community. I would take the angle of someone doing a story on a well know historic store.

    #2 Do a profile on my High School German teacher. He was in the CIA and worked for them during 9/11 and he has many interesting stories. I could take the angle of a reporter doing a story.

    #3 Do a profile on a fireman at berlin township fire department. They have one of the toughest jobs in the world and they don't always get enough credit or recognition.

    Question #1 How has this person/place made the community a better place?

    Question #2 What is the best part of your job or best thing about this place?

  2. #1 Do a profile on Dr. Carpenter, a vet from Mt Gilead that I mentored my senior year in high school. Dr. Carpenter is a reasonably priced small town vet with many clients, who she cares more about them, then money she makes. i could take the angle of a news reporter getting the word out of an honest business person.

    #2 I could do a profile on Dugout Pizza in Caledonia. Dugout is a small family owned business with good pizza. I could take the angle of a magazine writer who writes articles about small town family owned pizzerias.

    #3 Write a profile about Mt Gilead state park, it is a small park which in recent years has been put to the side by the state for more popular parks such as Delaware and Alum Creek. I could take the angle of a reporter writing about how much the park means to locals.

    Question #1 What is the best and worst part of your job?

    Question #2 How do you feel about the parks decline in up keep over the last 10 years?

  3. #1 I could do a profile on OSU main campus because it is available to almost anyone and effects so many people like its students and faculty. I could take the angle of a future student hoping to inform other students or anybody interested in getting involved or attending OSU.

    #2 I could do a profile on a restaurant in my town (Delaware) called Son Of Thurman. This restaurant is created after Thurman's Cafe Which is a very successful restaurant that has been in newspapers and on Diners, drive ins, and dives the TV show. I could take the angle of a reporter hoping to inform some people about the local restaurant in the area they could try and what makes it so special.

    #3 I could do a profile on Mr. Gould, one of my old teachers from high school. he used to work in the corporate building of a business and then made the switch to becoming a teacher. I would take the angle of a reporter and focus on why he decided to switch careers and what he likes about it.

    Question #1 How long have you been a student at OSU and what's your experience been like so far?

    Question #2 How long has Thurman's cafe been around and how did it originally get started?

  4. #1 A profile on Pricilla, a strong, independant woman whose made strides for women in the Government. I could interview and write about her experiences, and what her accomplishments have been throughout her years working for the state.

    #2 A profile on Barb Davis, a woman who has been working for years alongside her husband raising the money and building a school and dorm in Kenya, Africa for the children in need of education and a home among the Masai.

    #3 A profile on the Harding Memorial, which would be focused on not only the sites significance, but also to the different architectural features that makes it unique. My questions that would coincide with the Harding Memorial would have to be made to a few people that are visiting it, and maybe one person from the Ohio Historical Society that takes care of maintenance and possibly tours.

    Question #1: What has been the most important moment in your life, and why?

    Questions #2: What drives you to do what you have done(specified for each subject of course) over the years?

  5. #1 I could do a profile on a local bar and grill near where I live called, "Water's Edge." It's a place where people who live locally always come to watch sports events of any sort. I go there every once in a while to watch some football games or hockey games and it has a very "homey" atmosphere to it. I could interview the owner as to why they started that little bar and do research on its history, and interview some regulars as to how it grew its roots in that area.

    #2 I could do a profile on a friend of mine, his name is Ray Albertini. He actually works as a DJ playing at different country clubs, dances, special party events. He was, and still is, known in my area as a DJ and I used to always see him working whenever there'd be a public event. I could interview him as to what made him want to DJ and what it's done for him ever since.

    #3 I could do a profile on another friend of mine, Cory Smith. He's a big daredevil when it comes to exploration, and will always take any opportunity to go out and travel, or just do something exciting. I could interview him on what different places he's been to, what things he's done, and what he wants to do in the future.

    Question #1: What is probably the most memorable moment you've ever had?

    Question #2: What do you wish you could've done in the past? If you did do it, Do you think you would be in the same position now, in a worse or better state?

  6. 1. I could do a profile on the local Amvets Post in my town. It has been there for years and has a lot of regulars.

    2. I could do the festival that happens every year in my town called The Old Time Farming Festival. This brings a large crowd into our community and gives everyone the opportunity to have fun together.

    3. I could do a profile on my dad, Fred Wade. He is a locomotive engineer and even though I live with him, I still do not really know much about what he does.

    Question 1: Why do you think this festival is such a success each year?

    Question 2: What is the most exciting thing that has happened you to while working on the railroad?


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