Tuesday, September 30, 2014

here is my response to DJ Gregory
1) Hey, so while i was watching this, i liked a lot of what DJ had to say. When DJ said, "I shoot anywhere from 105-118, but I love the game" I really took something from that, because to not be good at something, but still not give up on it, takes a lot. It means a ton of perseverance. Personally, I don't have that much at golf. When i hit above 95 i don't want to go out again for a long time. And i don't have any restrictions. To play and have a mind set like his is really an inspiration.
2) To me, the idea of the profile was about perseverance. The biggest take-away for me was that. My favorite quote was when he said, "You know, if I fall, I fall- you know, it's just another challenge. I'm gonna fall, so you know what, you get back up" He did something that no one able bodied does, walking the 900 plus miles of the entire PGA tour.
3)DJ's story reminds me of a girl from my church. She has down-syndrome, as well as a few other problems, and her doctors told her she would never be able to hold a job, live with professional personal care, or be able to do most everyday things that we do like going to the grocery store. Today, she lives with her sister, but isn't dependent on her, she does a lot of side things like getting groceries, and works part time at a local market.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Profile of DJ Gregory from ESPN; posted by Mike Lohre

Probably for weekend homework now, unless we have time in class today (Wednesday the 24th):

Here is a profile of DJ Gregory made for the ESPN series.

Please watch and watch actively.  Take a few notes.

  • Look for images or details that others might not notice.
  • Think about the questions being asked and the sources used to get this story.
  • Listen for key ideas and notable things that are said.  Jot them down.

After watching the profile, use your notes and in the Comments section, respond by addressing these questions:

1) Share with us something from your active listening and viewing that you noticed that others may not have.  Something said? An image? Use your notes to share something.
2) What is the purpose of this profile? What feelings or ideas did you take away from it?
3) Connection to your life.  Does DJ remind you of anyone in your life? Do you have a friend or family member who has a disability or even a 'crazy' dream that reminds you in some way of DJ?

DJ Gregory on the PGA tour.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Radio Ad: sneakers logos By: Hailey/Stephen

Recorded by: Shelby
Acted out by: Hailey/Haley

Radio Ad: Sneaker logos Stephen/Hailey

Hey you, are you wearing a pair of sneakers right now? If or if not listen up to this short message. (Stephen)
Are you tired of having sore, blistered feet? Well if so, you should consider sneakers. (Hailey)
They are comfortable and help prevent blisters. Some sneaker now a days come with built in support to help improve posture and relieve pain. (Stephen)
There are also sneakers that offer aeration of your feet to help protect sweaty, smelly feet. So a good pair of sneakers will allow you to be active in them and they will last longer. (Hailey)
So stop by to you nearest retail store and grab your favorite pair of sneakers while they last. (Stephen)

Radio Ad - Katie Wells, and Lorenzo Palma


Lorenzo: Hey miss! When was the last time you've washed your car?

Katie: I don't know... It's been a while.

Lorenzo: Did you know, that getting your car washed regularly actually saves you money?

Katie: Wait... No way! HOW?!

Lorenzo: It saves you gas, and it prevents rust from building up on your car!

Katie: What do you mean?!

Lorenzo: Your car can build up to at least 10 pounds of dirt underneath your car.

Katie: Wow!

Lorenzo: Also, since we live in Ohio, ice and snow erode away at your car while at the same time the salt used to melt that same ice and snow makes the metal on your car rust and corrode 10 times faster than normal. Luckily, we have high pressure wash stations that will wash all that salt off, at Soak, Shine, and Run!


Radio Ad Andrew Balsiger and Jacob Kroh

person 1: Have you ever been egged by teenagers?
person 2: Yes I have! I went to super clean laundry mat.

Person 1: Have you ever crawled through the sewers?
Person 2: Yes I have! I went to super clean laundry mat.

Person 1: Have you ever been covered in mud?
Person 2: Yes I have! I went to super clean laundry mat.

Person 1: Have you ever fled the scene of a crime covered in blood?
Person 2: Yes I have! I went to super clean laundry mat.

Person 1: Have you ever spilled dangerous chemicals on yourself?
Person 2: Yes I have! I went to super clean laundry mat.

Radio Ad Hans Hartle & Lily Eldadah

Using Pathos to sell a pickup truck.

Did _______________ show up with his new truck at the neighborhood block party?
Do you want to be the star of the party?
With the new Red FireHawk 5000 Ford Pick-Up Truck you can do just that!
With a brand new lineup of features, the Fire Hawk 5000 is sure to excite!
With an all new flatbed design, your Fire Hawk 5000 can now hold twice the amount of any truck on the market. The exterior design has also been change with the fierce front grill design showing your inner man. With 5 person seating inside the cabin, the Fire Hawk 5000, is suitable for all uses.

The all new FireHawk 5000.
Built Ford Tough.

all trademarks are copyrighted by their respective owners :

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Radio Ad: Lorenzo Palma, and Katie Wells

Lorenzo: Hey miss! When was the last time you've washed your car?

Katie: I don't know... It's been a while.

Lorenzo: Well, most people don't usually wash their car regularly.

Katie: I happen to be one of them. I don't really think it's a big deal! All cars get dirty eventually.

Lorenzo: Did you know, that getting your car washed regularly actually saves you money?

Katie: Wait... No way! HOW?!

Lorenzo: It saves you gas, and it prevents rust from building up on your car!

Katie: What do you mean?!

Lorenzo: Your car can build up to at least 10 pounds of dirt underneath your car? Washing your car can prevent that.

Katie: Wow!

Lorenzo: Also, since we live in Ohio, ice and snow erode away at your car while at the same time the salt used to melt that same ice and snow makes the metal on your car rust and corrode 10 times faster than normal. Luckily, we have high pressure wash stations that will wash all that salt off, at Soak, Shine, and Run!

Katie: I had no clue. I'm going to go wash my car right now!

Lorenzo: Yeah, and if you come to my carwash I will give you a 10% discount for a top of the line show room wash.

Katie: I will do that! Thank you!

Lorenzo: No problem, don't forget to visit Soak, Shine, and Run! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio Ad Script.

Pathos based ad for laundry detergent.

Person 1 = 1. Shravan
Person 2 = 2. Luke

1. Hey, that's a nice sweater.
2. Yeah, my grandma made it for me last Christmas.
1. That's awesome! Oh- did you see there is a stain on the back?
2. Yeah, its bad, isn't it? I can't get it out though,and i have tried like everything I can think of.
1. Wait, I once had a similar stain on my favorite dress shirt just like that, but then I tried, "Rohotos"- the superman of detergents.
2. Really, I've never heard of it. Besides, I can't afford that, I'm on a college budget.
1. No man, "Rohotos" is easily affordable, even when you are in college! It's really worth it. It will take out any kind of stain that you might get on any of your clothes.
2. Really? "Rohotos", I'll have to go out and get some of that then. Hey, thanks for letting me know about that!
1. Yeah, of course. Have a good one, bro.
2. Thanks, you too!

Pathos Sunglasses - Preston Bryan and Sandeep Battula

Those cheap sunglasses you're waring they were probably made in some poor condition factory where children are forced into slavery to earn five cents a day. Where as ours are made in American factories by American workers living the American dream. Our high quality  sunglasses are made with only the fines materials. We do this so that you know that you are getting the best of the best when it come to your sunglasses. No bad working conditions and no bad quality, just good sun protection for your eyes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brandon Kilgore and Grant Trainer Radio Add

Pathos - Sneakers

Are you down about going back to school? Vans has got the solution. Vans incredibly low prices are even lower now with back to school clearance prices and savings. Vans has all different styles that will match any personality. All your friends will be jelous of your new kicks and they will have you feeling better than ever when you slip them on. Vans are available at almost all retail stores near you. Dont let your old shoes slow you down and make you look bland on your first day of school. So what are you waiting for? Go pick up a new pair of vans and take on the new school year by storm.

Pickup Truck - Logos - Cody Compton and Haley ClevelandBull

"Introducing the new Ram 1500, the toughest 1/2 ton truck money can buy"

"With the best fuel economy any standard sized pickup equipped with a V8"

"With 25 MPG, and a towing capacity of 9,250 lbs"

"The new Ram 1500 can get the groceries and haul anything you need it too"

"You wont get stuck with the new Ram 1500, coming equipped with 33 inch mud terrain tires, and manual lockout hubs"

"The Ram 1500... Rugged Luxury"

Pathos Advertisment Script Shelby Wade, Dillon Quigley

Shelby: Are you ready for your hot date tonight?

Dillon: Yeah!

Shelby: But wait you smell like a men's locker room!!!

Dillon: What I do???

Shelby: Yes, i can hardly stand your stench!!!

Dillon: WHAT DO I DO!!!

Shelby: Try our newest product, Star All Over!
             want that fresh clean smell with out all the hassle of a shower??(dq: ya)
             Want to drive those girl crazy?(dq: well duh) just use start all over

Advertisement for Shampoo (Logos)- Jorden, Haley

Haley- Garnier Damage Eraser strengthens your hair and rejuvenates it for 3x more damage resistance. When you use Garnier Damage Eraser count on 90% of your damaged hair to be restored to full strength.

Jorden- Garnier Damage Eraser is made of Phytokeratin and plant based proteins to help strengthen each strand of hair. Also Garnier Damage Eraser contains cupuacu butter, natural lipids, while also containing active fruit concentrates.

Jorden- If you're looking for stronger healthier hair

Haley- Choose Garnier Damage Eraser

Radio Ad: Sneaker logos Stephen/Hailey

Hey you, are you wearing a pair of sneakers right now? If or if not listen up to this short message. (Stephen)
Are you tired of having sore, blistered feet? Well if so, you should consider sneakers. (Hailey)
They are comfortable and help prevent blisters. Some sneaker now a days come with built in support to help improve posture and relieve pain. (Stephen)
There are also sneakers that offer aeration of your feet to help protect sweaty, smelly feet. So a good pair of sneakers will allow you to be active in them and they will last longer. (Hailey)
So stop by to you nearest retail store and grab your favorite pair of sneakers while they last. (Stephen)

Dub FX

My favorite image from the video was the picture of the card that said "After it rains, it shines" and my favorite thing sung was "I am a prisoner in my dreams" and favorite thing said was "If you dont throw yourself out there nothing is going to happen."

The image was meaninful to me because it goes to show that you go through highs and lows in life and you just have to get through them. The next thing is what he sung, he is stuck in his dreams. That I found meaningful because it goes to show that you can get lost at times. And then the thing that he said is meaningful because it goes to show 'you have to get knocked down, to get back up again a better person.'

Brainstorming and Questions go here. From Mike Lohre

Students, now that you have your prompt for Essay One, the Profile, please brainstorm three good ideas for a subject for this project.  Make sure at least one idea is a person and one is a public place.  Let's get as many good ideas out there and why.

Post these three brainstorm ideas in the Comments section under this post of mine so we have all the subject ideas in one place.

Write the subject and one sentence explaining why you think it would be a good choice.  What angle might you take?

In addition, create two good questions for an interview that you think  you could ask of anybody.  Strive to create a good question that is not a yes/no question.

So in total,in the Comments below this post, brainstorm:

3 topics for Essay One.
2 good questions that might be used in an interview with anyone.

Good luck!


Exercise One

"Am I really about to do this" he thought to himself,
He looked down and starred at the ground far bellow.
He finally let the motivation of doing this arise and took his first steps into the unknown.

Most would be afraid,just as the people walking by were bellow.
But he,he had no fear for it is a lack of knowledge,
He gracefully walked onto the wire and walked across the wire with elegance.
Halfway through he thought to himself "Wow, I am doing this, I have faith I can do it."

As the people bellow stood and starred up in complete awe,
He kept focus and did not stop as he walked across without a flaw.

As he was nearing the end he thought to himself,
"What shall I do now? I have fulfilled a dream of mine."
So he kept walking across that small little line.
And when he finished he took a leap onto the ledge,
For he knew he competed with an edge.

And as he stood there looking at this feat,
He knew that fear, the lack of knowledge was beat.
For he had no fear of what was to become of him.
Because he had no fear when the chances of success were so slim.

So as he descended the tower,
He knew he had ascended among the many who conquered their fears,
And accepted his fate with complaint.

This poem is about Philippe Petite who walked across a wire between the twin towers. I found it very interesting that someone would do this and actually walk across a wire, because personally I am afraid of heights and I would not be able to do as he did.


Exploration 2

I am Stephen de San Jose, I am a freshman and my fun fact was I am an Eagle Scout. I am from Dublin, Ohio, I was in swimming for 6 years and rowing for 2. I am studying to become and Astronautical Engineer.

Fredrick Douglass was an Abolitionist leader born into slavery. He was one of the most famous intellectuals Mid to Late 1800's. He would advice presidents and gave lectures to many in countless causes, from women's rights to Irish home rule, Ireland being independent from England and having their own government. Douglass wrote many things, including many Autobiographies describing his time he spent in slavery and after the Civil War.

I found this poem very interesting to read. I found it interesting that the author 'wanted to do it all again.' I would if I was in his situation. I noticed all except two paragraphs in this poem were three lines long. I also found the language used to be powerful and meaningful throughout the poem.

Profile documentary on Dub FX from Mike

Students, here is the link to the video profile made by writer and filmaker Ben Dowden.  His subject is street musician Dub FX.  Watch and listen and watch the short documentary closely.

  • Within the video, which images, clips, or photos stand out? 
  • What things that were said or sung seem most memorable or important to you or the impression of the profile?  Why?
  • What was the purpose or message of this profile? 

Put your comments in answer to these questions below this post in the Comments.  Thanks!


Dub FX and Flower Fairy

http://youtu.be/e7Fv0hB-R8A   this is the documentary profile we watched
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhBoR_tgXCI  just for fun, this is his most popular song on YouTube, done with another busker (street musician) named Mr. Woodside.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sandeep Battula's Poem - Exploration 3

Description of Poem

My poem is about the World Trade Center.I personally like poems that feel like a Haiku or somewhat similar fashion poems. I also like to leave you where you started in terms of locations or words, that is why Towers is in the last and first lines. I had a hard time sticking to only the Petite guy so I wrote about the building in general. I describe the towers external appearances and two of the most memorable things that have happened to it, which were Philip Petite and the  2001 attacks. 
Towers by SandeepBattula

Twin Towers
Solid Concrete
Glass holes
Tall Poles
Four Buildings

A Man
A Rope
Risking, Dancing

A Plane
A Hole
Collapsing, Leaking

Shiny Glass
Concrete structure
Pointy Poles
Four buildings
Different Towers

Philippe Petite Poem by Hailey Jackson

When I first started trying to write my poem, I was anxious because I'm kinda awful at writing them. Also, I personally don't like poems that don't rhyme so I wanted to make mine do so in hopes that it would make up for my lack of poetry writing skills. It first started when I told my friend I had to write a poem and she started jokingly singing "Twinkle Twinkle little Star". I tried joking back by putting the Petite's experience into it and decided I liked it. I then just kinda thought about the main things I wanted to put in there and thought how I could put them together to rhyme. I wrote the poem as if it was from Petite's perspective. In the end, this is what I came up with:

Up above
The world so high
Like a tight rope walker
In the sky
Walking the rope
Toe to toe
Dancing above the world below

Shivering in the winter cold
I was always the one to break the mold
I made this this city my own
up here all alone
Keeping the gods on my side
on the day I nearly died
Conquering my dreams
then walking away to the crowd's scream.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brandon Kilgore Exercise One: Poem

This is my poem. My writing process consisted of starting with the first event and just going in order of the events. When I write I usually just have to write something no matter how bad it is because if I try to make it really goo the first time it will never get done. After, I go back and make changes too it which is a lot easier once you have something written. I got my ideas from the video because of the language in it and the suspense it builds. Thanks for reading my poem.

Old, dirty, full of skyscrapers, I love It, He said.
Looking down on New York like an astronaut,
defying the odds, becoming a legend.
Time, work, effort, it all comes down to this.

The first step. Gaining composure, faith,
and doing what he dreamed of for years.
Up there all alone, Philippe, the 1/4 inch wire,
and all 1300 feet of empty air above New York.

People gather below in awe.
Unable to speek of what they're seeing.
More and more people gather to watch the wonder,
Thoughts racing through their head, who is that?

Philippe is in his element.
The cops show up, speechless unable to do anything,
Philippe lays down on the wire, no one can believe their eyes.
He decides his act is over, and gets off the wire after 45mins.

The police immediately take him into custody,
All charges were dropped,
he was ordered to perform for children in the park as punishment.
A small price to pay to accomplish a dream.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Writing Exercise One – Luke Vest

Hey all. Below is my poem. However, I thought I would first explain it. I set up my poem in a unique way, in my opinion. Using my knowledge from the video we watched in class, and Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann. The book is about Philippe Petite’s walk, and other people’s lives on New York City in 1974. Together, armed with this knowledge, I began my poem. I decided to write my poem from three different perspectives. The first is a first person point of view from Petite’s perspective, the morning of his high wire act. The second is from an ordinary person’s perspective, of anyone living in New York City and walking out and seeing this for the first time. The final perspective is from my point of view; a person who was not there and only sees this as a historical event, as well as a motivational scene as a man does the impossible. 


One Act, Three Perspectives


It was a day like any other day,

But I felt a world away.

And standing nearly 1,400 feet in the sky,

Out above, a quarter mile high.

Everywhere, as open as a sea,

And yet still it says ‘impossible to me’.

And as I decide whether I can avoid, I look

Out into this consuming, ‘devouring void’.


I’m running late to work,

But on this morning, everyone is going berserk.

So I turn my head up to see this thing that is catching fire,

I look up in disbelief into the clouds, a man up on a wire.

We all look on

And then begins a spawn.

He seems to have no fear,

Thousands of rising voices- gifting cheer.


I observe his actions now, some 40 years later,

And I see a man, who became to his own fears, a dictator.

His actions, which had us all lost as he had whirled,

From the time when, he had walked on ‘top of the world’.

Poem: The impossible dream, shravan patel

This is probably the first time I ever wrote a poem in my life. So, I really didn't know how to structure it . I basically just wrote my poem in a paragraph form and then divided up  it up based on the parts that go together, therefore it may look strange. In my poem I just wrote Petite's journey from start to end.

In the heart of New York City,
Stand two simple, yet magnificent towers.
The tallest towers in the world, people say
So tall they might be touching the sky.

One-thousand three hundred and sixty two feet below;
In the crowded streets of NewYork,
Staring at the mighty towers in awe;
Stands a Frenchman with a dream, seemingly impossible.
Mind filled with doubts.
Heart filled with passion.
He starts his journey;
To conquer the impossible dream of his.

Eight months later, on an August morning;
A quarter mile above the ground;
Filled with anxiety from head to toe;
The Frenchman is ready to make the impossible, possible.

On a one inch steel cable, he takes his first step
"This is easy!" he say
Jumping, kneeling, sleeping on the wire
He amuses the busy New Yorkers below.

Testing the unseen forces of nature;
He does his magic, for 45 minutes.
At-last reality hits him;
Walking off the wire he takes a bow

Back on the ground he is charged with 14 violations;
But, to the public he is a hero.
A hero who not only conquered the towers;
But, also humanized them.

Lily Eldadah- Philippe Petite

            Hey everyone! Below is my poem about Phillippe Petite and the time he walked across from the very top of the Twin Towers, with nothing but wire. The process I chose, may or may have not been more complicated than the rest of my classmates, was to break it down into four parts: taking notes, rough draft, edit, final copy. The first part was to take notes on the YouTube video we watched in class. I wrote down anything I heard including important dates and statistics, quotations from Petite himself and other spectators, and anything I found interesting about what Petite was doing. By doing that, I had more information than I needed to begin the poem. The second part was to write a rough draft of the poem; which I did by writing it out with pencil and paper. By doing this I had the chance to scribble out and easily erase and rewrite/insert different phrases that fit into the poem. The next part was to edit the rough draft. Since both my sisters love poetry and admire the different techniques of poetry, I asked one of them to look over my poem, revise it, and give me suggestions on how to make the poem better. The final step was to type out the final draft after all the revisions were made. This "final" draft ended up being another rough draft because after reading the poem we read in class, I decided there was a little more touching up to do. I hope this is that last copy of this poem, but if more revisions are needed, I will be happy to re-edit this poem. I hope you enjoy it!

Impossible is Just a Word

I admire Philippe Petite.
Twenty-four years old.
Eight months prior planning.
Anxiety filling his head and stomach.
This is impossible. This is impossible. This. Is. IMPOSSIBLE.
One thousand three hundred sixty three feet up.
Nothing but thin wire.
August 7, 1974.
A day to be remembered.
High Wire Artist, Philippe Petite takes on the Twin Towers.
Looking like a small speck to the hundreds of curious spectators below
Petite performs outrageous, dangerous tricks.
A quarter mile up.
                                        Lying down.
How long was the irrationality going to continue?

Eight Rounds.
Forty-Five minutes later.
Insanity escapes Petite’s mind
and reality pours in.
“My intuition told me it was time for me to close the curtain of this intimate performance,"
Petite was let off with a penalty to perform to children.
Persistence for my dreams.
I admire Philippe Petite.

Phillippe Petite Poem - Lorenzo Palma

The original poem took me about I'd say, 20-30 minutes just because it was very hard for me to initially come up with what I truly wanted to discuss in my poem. I didn't know whether I should've focused on the part that truly stood out to me or just summarize the whole event in general. Eventually, I decided to just encompass the whole event instead of focusing on one certain part since I thought, "The whole story itself was pretty significant, not one part really stood out above the rest seeing as it all was spectacular." The writing process was very simple, I chose the rhyme-every-other-line method but seeing as there's a lot more things that I could've done, and created a poem without ever rhyming, I decided to change that into something that would be more natural.


He takes his first step on the wire.
Anxiousness, Excitement, Fear, Courage, Happiness,
Different emotions rush into him as he prepares to walk
Across the wire of his dreams.

Halfway across, the fear escapes him.
He smiles, laughs, and grins throughout the trip,
Like a little boy going on a road trip to his favorite amusement park.

The crowd from below gathers to watch this spectacle.
Looking up at the sky seeing nothing
But a speck of a man who dared to do such a thing.
Watching in awe as he crosses back and forth between the Twin Towers.

They cheer and yell and scream,
encouraging him to go again, and again.
But then, he realized that all good things must end.
He stepped off the wire, 
and bid the two gods farewell.

Philippe Petite Poem - Andrew Balsiger

     When I went to write this poem my goal was to have it rhyme. That was the hardest part, but with the help of a thesaurus and www.rhymezone.com I was able to make it happen. I planned out in my head a general idea of what I wanted to say during my drive home and then just started putting those to words when I got home.

Good old Philippe Petite
Put on a show that was rather neat
He arrived in New York in 1974
Looked up at the towers and thought his dream was no more
From the Bottom it looked impossible
So he went to the top and still thought it wasn't plausible
But Philippe did not concede
His goal to cross the Twin Towers was going to proceed

On August 6, 8 months later, he went up the tower
His stunt getting closer with every new hour
1362 feet high
He shot a bow and arrow through the night sky
Carrying a wire from roof to roof
His Idea would work and this was proof
As the morning sun of August seventh began to show
Many hectic New Yorkers were present below
As Philippe walked out on the cable
His dream was now no longer a fable

For him the walk was very easy
Luckily for him it was not to breezy
He made 8 passes from roof to roof
Without making a fatal goof
For 45 minutes his performance went on
As more and more New Yorkers began to spawn
Unfortunately though for him it was requested
That when he came down that he be arrested
14 crimes were charged against him at first
However soon after they were all reversed
Instead he was made to put on a show
For little children in Central Park below

Poem by Preston Bryan

For this poem I used what Philippe Petit's reaction was when he got to New york and saw the towers for the first time. This has to do with his retain to it being an impossible task that he set out to do and overcoming that thought of impossibility to go out and make that dream a reality. Also i tried to describe the environment he felt while he was trying to accomplish this task.

At 24 I walked out of the subway and thought
That this city is old and full of towers
But at the same time I knew then there
That I loved it

As I stepped closer to the tower
Standing in there shadows
I looked up and said to myself
This is impossible

I snuck into these building
Got to the top and felt the wind
I was looking around and said
This is impossible

I waited patiently to with my dream intact
Got the materials I needed and made my climb
Set the wire between the buildings and
looked to see that it wasn't impossible

Hans Hartle: Walking the line

   Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your day and I appreciate you taking time to read my poem. Although it is not the finest piece of literature, I am more than pleased with how it turned out. sure it may be in need of further revision, however this is the version which I will leave with you all. My inspiration for righting this was just music. Even though the poem does not match lyrically with any song, the flow and rhyme came from me repeating songs I had listened to the previous night. While I write, I generally do not take large amounts of time to get my idea down on paper. As I am writing, my mind jumps 5 steps ahead of me already knowing what to right (in this case the next stanza). The difficult part of writing is finding the perfect bridge to cover the void between each set of ideas. After this I reread my sentences and try to improve the flow so that my readers can understand my ideas. Anyways, without further a due, here is my poem.

Walking the line

by Hans Hartle

Following a dream
   to look down at the world.
To break human barriers,
    and try not to hurl.

By walking the line
   and paying small fines,
he gave the world a chance
to be awestruck at a glance,
   in seeing this man
      consumed by the clouds
         and waving his hand.

He laughed and he smiled;
   but knew when his act was done.
As his feet hit the ground,
he preached about his fun.

   After all his work,
   eight months had not gone to waste.
He had sparked inspiration, and opened the gates;
   of maintaining great hope and following your dream.
      But most important of all,
   to look down on the world and
remember the city cheer and scream.

Writing Exercise One: Petite Poem - Katie Wells

           When I first started writing my poem, it took me a couple of minutes to actually process how I wanted to start the first line. I looked up all the notes I took in class earlier that day and just started to go with one of the first major important facts which was Philippe Petite's age. As I started jotting more things down, I noticed that I was rhyming ever other stanza. In this poem I go from the beginning of his journey with standing a quarter of a mile up, then that sudden urge he feels that his time has come to get back to standing on a steady surface, to finally his fourteen charges that were dropped. I would say this poem did not take me that long, maybe a half an hour. I definitely could've gone into more detail and took some more time on it.
 The Man Who Could Fly
By: Katie Wells
At the time he was only 24 years old.
His story is just about to be told.
The name was Philippe Petite
Balancing about 1,563 feet.
It took Philippe eight months to get to this day.
Halfway across that one inch rope where he lay.
Philippe felt a sudden urge to stop being a bird in the sky.
He would never be forgotten as the man who could fly.
"The word impossible edged itself inside me."
But at the same time he couldn't feel more free.
Fourteen dropped charges were put to rest.
Being a street juggler for the kids in NYC was the only true test.
August 7th, 1974 his dreams finally came true.
Petite will never be forgotten as the man who flew. 

Pilippe Petite poem - Jacob Kroh

            I like poems that rhyme, so I decided to make my poem rhyme. On my way home after class Monday, I was letting my mind wader across the problem of writing a poem when I started to see the first few lines running around in my head. So as soon as I got home I put pen to paper and began to write. When I was thinking about the video we saw in class on Monday I kept thinking about how it was Philipe's dream to walk across that wire and that despite all the problems that kept coming up, he did it. So I incorperated that feeling into my poem and I tried to infuse a little humor into it as well.

                                                                        Man on a wire
     Man on a wire, Man on a wire
it seemed like his situation was dire.
He had taken on a great and frightening trial
and did it all while sporting a smile.
Eight times he walked across the sky,
Philipe must have felt he could fly.
He laid down on the wire and began to roll
its a miracle he never lost control!
Eight long months he slaved and he toiled
all the time claiming "My dream won't be foiled!"
and as he walked, the crowds began to cheer,
for the man who showed no fear
As he stepped down, his journey was ended
and at once he was apprehended.
The charges were soon dropped
for the man who never flopped
and so completes the dream, that couldn't be stopped.

Writing Exercise One Poem: "Crossing the Boundries" ~ Haley ClevelandBull

The poem that I wrote I named “Crossing the Boundaries”, simply because it was one of the lines in my poem but also because when Philippe was on the high wire, to me it seemed like he was crossing the boundaries, he was not in the afterlife, yet he was not on Earth.  I did not really come to write my poem with any underlying plan.  When I write poetry, I tend to write out a few lines, and then revise and tweak them until I have my first stanza.  Once my first stanza is written it is much easier to write the rest completely out, as the words have already begun to flow.  The poem conventions that I have found in my poem are end-stopped lines, dialogue, some rhyming, and of course stanzas.


Crossing the Boundaries

A single line, balanced

Two energies of strength and power,

hold on and never let go,

for fear of descending down below.

Yielding the power of will,

the choice was made.

One small step taken,

a seemingly impossible feat,

can be done.

Crossing the boundaries,

between life and death.

Peering through the veil,

knowing with certainty it was not my time yet.

Looking into the sky,

the Gods truly smiled down upon me.

Indeed, this was truly a feat of pure “high wire poetry”.

Grant Trainer - Philippe Petit Poem

My writing process for writing this poem was to try and not over think it. My poems often times turn out much better when i just write and don't sit there trying to think of the perfect poem. I wrote my poem in two different stanzas, the first one being about before he actually walks on the wire and the second one being during him walking on the wire. I also chose to use an AABB rhyme scheme in both the first and the second stanza.

Philippe Petit. The man on the wire.
Walking between these two buildings had become his most passionate desire
A seemingly impossible feat to do
but impossible was just a word, and he would not stop until he was through
In a city that was old, dirty, and full of skyscrapers
He was soon to be the newest buzz, front page news of the newspapers
It took many months to prepare for this act
an act so astonishing, the law had no choice but to give him a free pass

As he walks the wire, he is finally free
and there is no place, even beyond earth, the he would rather be
a bird in the sky, completely at peace
his true sanctuary, his true release
the time comes when the gods tell him it's time to step down
so he hops off of the rope, and onto the ground
to embrace his new fame, in an old, dirty town