Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio Ad Script.

Pathos based ad for laundry detergent.

Person 1 = 1. Shravan
Person 2 = 2. Luke

1. Hey, that's a nice sweater.
2. Yeah, my grandma made it for me last Christmas.
1. That's awesome! Oh- did you see there is a stain on the back?
2. Yeah, its bad, isn't it? I can't get it out though,and i have tried like everything I can think of.
1. Wait, I once had a similar stain on my favorite dress shirt just like that, but then I tried, "Rohotos"- the superman of detergents.
2. Really, I've never heard of it. Besides, I can't afford that, I'm on a college budget.
1. No man, "Rohotos" is easily affordable, even when you are in college! It's really worth it. It will take out any kind of stain that you might get on any of your clothes.
2. Really? "Rohotos", I'll have to go out and get some of that then. Hey, thanks for letting me know about that!
1. Yeah, of course. Have a good one, bro.
2. Thanks, you too!

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