Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pilippe Petite poem - Jacob Kroh

            I like poems that rhyme, so I decided to make my poem rhyme. On my way home after class Monday, I was letting my mind wader across the problem of writing a poem when I started to see the first few lines running around in my head. So as soon as I got home I put pen to paper and began to write. When I was thinking about the video we saw in class on Monday I kept thinking about how it was Philipe's dream to walk across that wire and that despite all the problems that kept coming up, he did it. So I incorperated that feeling into my poem and I tried to infuse a little humor into it as well.

                                                                        Man on a wire
     Man on a wire, Man on a wire
it seemed like his situation was dire.
He had taken on a great and frightening trial
and did it all while sporting a smile.
Eight times he walked across the sky,
Philipe must have felt he could fly.
He laid down on the wire and began to roll
its a miracle he never lost control!
Eight long months he slaved and he toiled
all the time claiming "My dream won't be foiled!"
and as he walked, the crowds began to cheer,
for the man who showed no fear
As he stepped down, his journey was ended
and at once he was apprehended.
The charges were soon dropped
for the man who never flopped
and so completes the dream, that couldn't be stopped.


  1. Hey, Jacob nice job on the rhyming.

  2. I like poems that rhyme so nice job, but I also like how your poem flows. It's like I could sing it if I wanted to(if that makes sense). I also really like how you included dialogue in there which I think with poetry can be a little difficult.

  3. The rhyming in your poem is great! I had a lot of trouble with the rhyming, so I did not use it.

  4. Your poem was great to read. I loved that it rhymed, but it also was fun to read because each stanza had a playful yet serious vibe to it and holds the readers interest with each line.

  5. This is another poem which uses the generic AB rhyme scheme. However, the way that you used the rhyme scheme truly added a sense of flow and meaning into the poem. This allows the reader to feel the enthusiasm and tension Petite had on his journey to complete the impossible.

  6. I like the rhyme sceme. It flowed well and made sence. Very cool to read.


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