Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Phillipe Petit Poem Shelby Wade

When I wrote this poem about Phillipe Petit, I went off of my first thoughts as I read through the notes I had taken in class. I chose to use four line stanzas with only one two-line stanza.

Phillipe Petit 
By Shelby Wade

The big apple,
tower upon tower,
the city of impossible.
Impossible, but I will do it.

When I saw the twins
I knew then, impossible.

Months upon months of planning
all come to one moment.
Oh, but the simplicity I felt.
Impossible, now below my feet.

As the crowds grew I know,
the time would come.
Sure enough, up came the law.
Me? I laid on the impossible.

As nature became annoyed,
I ended my show.
When asked why? I told them,
"Looked like a good place to put my wire."


  1. Shelby, I liked this a lot! its always cool when I see something someone else put down as the voice of another. How you put the voice of Petite is an interesting spin! You used his own quotes and thoughts well!

  2. I agree with what Luke said, with putting his voice as yours. I feel like this whole poem was just an excerpt of what he said when asked about the event. The way he speaks, is basically poetry. I can feel his state of being overrun by the beauty of his actions.

  3. I would have to agree with Luke, I enjoy the way you used Petite's voice through the quotes and words used in the video! I also enjoy the line Impossible, now below my feet because you gave a climax and resolution to the building suspense from the repetition of impossible

  4. I really liked the repetition in your poem. It really puts emphasis on how he over came something so great. I also really liked how you ended your poem and the way you put questions in there too.


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