Saturday, September 20, 2014

Radio Ad: Lorenzo Palma, and Katie Wells

Lorenzo: Hey miss! When was the last time you've washed your car?

Katie: I don't know... It's been a while.

Lorenzo: Well, most people don't usually wash their car regularly.

Katie: I happen to be one of them. I don't really think it's a big deal! All cars get dirty eventually.

Lorenzo: Did you know, that getting your car washed regularly actually saves you money?

Katie: Wait... No way! HOW?!

Lorenzo: It saves you gas, and it prevents rust from building up on your car!

Katie: What do you mean?!

Lorenzo: Your car can build up to at least 10 pounds of dirt underneath your car? Washing your car can prevent that.

Katie: Wow!

Lorenzo: Also, since we live in Ohio, ice and snow erode away at your car while at the same time the salt used to melt that same ice and snow makes the metal on your car rust and corrode 10 times faster than normal. Luckily, we have high pressure wash stations that will wash all that salt off, at Soak, Shine, and Run!

Katie: I had no clue. I'm going to go wash my car right now!

Lorenzo: Yeah, and if you come to my carwash I will give you a 10% discount for a top of the line show room wash.

Katie: I will do that! Thank you!

Lorenzo: No problem, don't forget to visit Soak, Shine, and Run! 

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