Monday, September 8, 2014

Exploration Two Hailey Jackson

My name is Hailey Jackson and I'm currently a freshman here at OSU Marion. I originally came here for pharmaceutical science but after orientation, I realized that science is not my strongest suit and I did not want to take a bunch of chemistry classes. Now, I'm pretty lost about what I want to do.I'm also pretty lost when it comes to people asking me to tell them about myself. In class, my fun fact was that I like to do crafty things like scrapbooking for an example or even knitting. You can recognize me by the T-shaped scar on my face. I got that scar thanks to a neighbors dog biting me in the face for no apparent reason and thus making me a cat person.

Last year, I had to read Frederick Douglass's autobiography for my English class and just from the book I learned some pretty interesting things(The website also confirms the same facts). For one, just the fact that Douglass was half white. Commonly when slavery is thought about, it's assumed that the slaves were completely black. It happens of course but it's not what is usually thought and it brings up the interesting thought that even though slaves were considered "not human beings and less than animals", slave owners would still sleep with slave women. The gave me more interesting information that I didn't get from the book: after his autobiography was published, Douglass feared being recaptured by his former owner and so he went on a 2 year speaking tour of England and Ireland.(

Out of all of those poems, my favorite would have to be "Bury Me in a Free land". I like this poem the most because I like its rhyme scheme the most. I'm not the biggest fan of poems and so for me to enjoy it, it has to have a lot of rhyming. I also like how even though she's dead, she talks about how she'd have reactions that happen when you're alive. I think it makes the poem more interesting. Also, the language sticks out a lot when she uses more imagery appealing words like "Drinking her blood at each fearful gash". This to me just makes the author seem more passionate about what she's writing and I enjoy when people are passionate about something, especially when it's something that isn't widely liked.


  1. If you like doing scrapbooking and crafty things maybe you could find a career that has to do with crafty kind of things? That way you wouldn't have to take all of those chemistry classes! I'm studying meteorology and I have a ton of chemistry courses . . . not looking forward to it!

  2. I also wrote about the poem "Bury Me in a Free Land". I did not notice the comparison of the reactions she would have if she were alive even though she were dead. Reading your paragraph about Harper's poem changed my outlook on this poem.

  3. Hey Hailey. I like all the info you have about Frederick Douglass. He has alot of interesting things about him. Along with Shelby, I saw something new as well after i read your views and interpretations of "Bury Me in a Free Land".

  4. Hi Hailey, that is really wonderful that you like doing all kinds of artsy and crafty things, such as scrapbooking and knitting. It takes a very artistic and patient person to do both. I have always wanted to learn how to knit as I've heard it can be very relaxing and therapeutic!


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