Sunday, September 7, 2014

Exploration Two: Brandon Kilgore

My name is Brandon Kilgore and my fun fact was that I race motocross and I have been racing for 6 years. I live in Delaware, OH and I graduated from the Olentangy High School this past spring. I was involved in 4-H for 10 years. I love to be outside and mountain bike, hike, go swimming, and pretty much anything else you can do outside. I also race motocross as I mentioned in my fun fact, this is my biggest hobby and its more than a hobby it’s a life style. Any racer of any kind of racing will tell you once you race you can’t stop it’s like an addiction, but in a good way. At The Ohio State University I am studying to major in Mechanical Engineering where I hope to get a job in the automotive industry designing cars or in the of-road industry designing off-road vehicles.
Me in Connecticut.

I researched Frances E. W. Harper and the most interesting fact that I found was that she was born a free African American in 1825. She also went to an all black school and wrote poems as a teenager and she continued and became a writer after school. She was also an activist and used poems to convey her message to end slavery. This is interesting because most African Americans born during this time weren’t free, most of them were still slaves. She was also able to go to school which is very rare for an African American, so this helped her writing skills and helped her become a Famous writer and a well-known activist.
The poem “Bury Me in a Free Land” by Frances E. W. Harper was my favorite poem. This was my favorite because it just conveys a strong message about slavery and equality of the races and it does that b using the reference of when someone dies and are buried, they don’t want slaves and African Americans to be scared and running White people. The language stands out in the similes and metaphors he uses to describe how he would in certain scenarios where slavery is still going on, which Strengthens his case of why slavery should be abolished. These scenarios are gruesome so without really noticing it he’s associating slavery with awful pictures in your mind to give you a bad view of slavery. This poem doesn’t really leave you with any questions because everything is so straight forward.

The most significant literacy event that i have experienced is reading Tuesdays with Morrie. This book taught me to value every moment of life, and not to take anything for granted. Morrie slowly looses functionallity of his body and although this happens he still is able to keep a good spirit about life, which is hard to do when your health is that bad. I've had some bad experiences in my life, as everyone probably has had and this story makes me step back and realize some of the things I've been through really aren't that bad compared to what other people are going through. Also, I should learn to be thankful for everything I have and not feel bad or upset because of what I dont have, because Morrie never had a negative out look on the physical functions he was loosing he always stayed postive even in a very tough situation. So if Morrie could stay positive during this time I should be able to stay positive and happy no matter what happens in my life.


  1. Last month I went to the Lucas Oil Nationals Motocross race! It was a muddy mess, but really fun!

  2. Motocross seems like I cool sport but also a scary one. I would probably never be able to do it thought at the same time i think it would be cool to try it once.


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