Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Writing Exercise One – Luke Vest

Hey all. Below is my poem. However, I thought I would first explain it. I set up my poem in a unique way, in my opinion. Using my knowledge from the video we watched in class, and Let the Great World Spin, by Colum McCann. The book is about Philippe Petite’s walk, and other people’s lives on New York City in 1974. Together, armed with this knowledge, I began my poem. I decided to write my poem from three different perspectives. The first is a first person point of view from Petite’s perspective, the morning of his high wire act. The second is from an ordinary person’s perspective, of anyone living in New York City and walking out and seeing this for the first time. The final perspective is from my point of view; a person who was not there and only sees this as a historical event, as well as a motivational scene as a man does the impossible. 


One Act, Three Perspectives


It was a day like any other day,

But I felt a world away.

And standing nearly 1,400 feet in the sky,

Out above, a quarter mile high.

Everywhere, as open as a sea,

And yet still it says ‘impossible to me’.

And as I decide whether I can avoid, I look

Out into this consuming, ‘devouring void’.


I’m running late to work,

But on this morning, everyone is going berserk.

So I turn my head up to see this thing that is catching fire,

I look up in disbelief into the clouds, a man up on a wire.

We all look on

And then begins a spawn.

He seems to have no fear,

Thousands of rising voices- gifting cheer.


I observe his actions now, some 40 years later,

And I see a man, who became to his own fears, a dictator.

His actions, which had us all lost as he had whirled,

From the time when, he had walked on ‘top of the world’.


  1. WOW! Your poem is extremely powerful, especially your last stanza. I re read it a few times just to understand how power the two lines "And I see a man, who became to his own fears, a dictator.

    His actions, which had us all lost as he had whirled," are to the meaning of your poem. It's definitely a different approach than i took but I loved it!

  2. I enjoyed that you didn't just tell the story of what Philippe did, and instead how different perspectives felt about what was happening. That was a cool way to write the poem.

  3. I truly enjoyed your poem! I loved how you used three different points of views: Philippe Petite, a spectator, and your point of view. I also really liked how you made your poem rhyme and it all contributed to the event! I tried to make mine rhyme but I could not do it, it was way too hard, so I am fascinated that you made your poem rhyme and you made it rhyme so beautiful! I can tell so much passion was put into this poem!

  4. Great approach to this poetry task. I really enjoyed the three perspectives.

  5. the flow of your poem is awesome. i really enjoyed the second stanza, with what could've gone threw someone on the grounds mind.

  6. I absolutely love your poem, because it shows the three different views we were shown in the documentary clip on Philippe Petites experience. It is also wonderful because the wording is just beautiful, it rhymes throughout the poem and each word fits into place perfectly. I enjoyed reading your poem for sure.


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