Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Writing Exercise One: Petite Poem - Katie Wells

           When I first started writing my poem, it took me a couple of minutes to actually process how I wanted to start the first line. I looked up all the notes I took in class earlier that day and just started to go with one of the first major important facts which was Philippe Petite's age. As I started jotting more things down, I noticed that I was rhyming ever other stanza. In this poem I go from the beginning of his journey with standing a quarter of a mile up, then that sudden urge he feels that his time has come to get back to standing on a steady surface, to finally his fourteen charges that were dropped. I would say this poem did not take me that long, maybe a half an hour. I definitely could've gone into more detail and took some more time on it.
 The Man Who Could Fly
By: Katie Wells
At the time he was only 24 years old.
His story is just about to be told.
The name was Philippe Petite
Balancing about 1,563 feet.
It took Philippe eight months to get to this day.
Halfway across that one inch rope where he lay.
Philippe felt a sudden urge to stop being a bird in the sky.
He would never be forgotten as the man who could fly.
"The word impossible edged itself inside me."
But at the same time he couldn't feel more free.
Fourteen dropped charges were put to rest.
Being a street juggler for the kids in NYC was the only true test.
August 7th, 1974 his dreams finally came true.
Petite will never be forgotten as the man who flew. 


  1. Peoms that rhyme make me happy, I feel that when a poet is able to tell a story that rhymes then they have put alot of time into it and its makes for a more enjoyable read.

  2. Wow, I love how you were able to make to poem rhyme. If I tried to make a poem rhyme it would take me an hour or two. Having a poem rhyme just adds something extra too it and makes it interesting.

  3. I loved how you were able to put every detail regarding Philippe Petite's experience, including the aftermath, into your poem. Your poem flowed very beautifully and I loved the rhyming scheme as well.

  4. I liked how you wrote the poem going through the journey that Petite went through before he was able to tightrope across the towers. I also like your use of rhymes in the poem.


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