Monday, September 8, 2014

Sandeep's Exploration 2

Hello, I'm Sandeep Battula, I'm a graduate of Olentangy Orange High School. I'm a Computer Science Major, but I'm going to add something else soon. My piece of interesting information, was that I know 5 programming languages. I know Haskell, LISP, Java, C, Python, and I'm learning Perl. Other interests of mine are Urban Planning, Building Design, and cool Math stuff like 24-cell.
I don't like pictures of me in public, and this picture is really nice.
The Author I  researched Eudora Welty, she has an interesting perception of life. She lived during World War II, she used humor and people to make newspaper and magazines articles , and out of the blue she makes a book, It is out of usual style of writing, The periodicals are full of her short stories, and, the book is long. The best part, The first newspaper reel I loaded into the machine in the library was one of her stories. I didn't fully read the story, I had to clean up, so I could go to class. I got this info from,
The poem I liked was "Bury Me in the Free Land", I particularly don't have much of an emotional response from poems or music, this one wasn't different. But I saw pictures the best in this one since this one was the most flexible, and it rhymed better than the other ones. I could remember it. What I remember was a graveyard/cemetery, then I felt sleepy with the word of work , but I suddenly imagined a dove fleeing an eagle, lots of money and Shanghai, then the graveyard being torn down. 
My favorite book was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. the book was hilarious, as all over the book were distractions that have nothing to do with main plot, like diversions needed to survive. One moment he is on earth the next he inside a Vogon ship then inside a whale's mouth. This book was able to keep me reading, so I read the rest of the series but the books got worse as I went further into the trilogy of five books, but I recommend  the first book.


  1. I have no idea at all how to program. That to me is just amazing that you can code in so many diffrent ways, my brother is also a computer science major back in kansas. He has tried to explain it to me and it just goes right over my head.

  2. The fact that you know how to program is awesome, but it is amazing to me that you know 5 different programming languages. I attempted to learn how to program a couple years ago but I am just not good with computers.

  3. I have much respect for you knowing 5 programing languages. I learned to program 2 different languages but they were easy programs to learn, such as VEX easyC 2 and Fishertecknik.

  4. I think its cool that you know 5 programing languages. I know how long it takes to learn one since I had a class in high school where I learned java and have been trying to teach myself swift in my free time.

  5. I feel like it would be very interesting to learn to program. I have always wanted to but never had that drive to go through with it.

  6. Its amazing you can program in 5 languages. I gave a shot at programming usin "c++" once but I never fully understood programing. since you are into programming do you like robotics too?


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