Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Poem: The impossible dream, shravan patel

This is probably the first time I ever wrote a poem in my life. So, I really didn't know how to structure it . I basically just wrote my poem in a paragraph form and then divided up  it up based on the parts that go together, therefore it may look strange. In my poem I just wrote Petite's journey from start to end.

In the heart of New York City,
Stand two simple, yet magnificent towers.
The tallest towers in the world, people say
So tall they might be touching the sky.

One-thousand three hundred and sixty two feet below;
In the crowded streets of NewYork,
Staring at the mighty towers in awe;
Stands a Frenchman with a dream, seemingly impossible.
Mind filled with doubts.
Heart filled with passion.
He starts his journey;
To conquer the impossible dream of his.

Eight months later, on an August morning;
A quarter mile above the ground;
Filled with anxiety from head to toe;
The Frenchman is ready to make the impossible, possible.

On a one inch steel cable, he takes his first step
"This is easy!" he say
Jumping, kneeling, sleeping on the wire
He amuses the busy New Yorkers below.

Testing the unseen forces of nature;
He does his magic, for 45 minutes.
At-last reality hits him;
Walking off the wire he takes a bow

Back on the ground he is charged with 14 violations;
But, to the public he is a hero.
A hero who not only conquered the towers;
But, also humanized them.

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