Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exploration 2, Jacob Kroh

       My name is Jacob Kroh, my fun fact was that I want to be a psychiatrist or perhaps a nuerosurgeon as a career after I finish up school. I like the idea of being able to help people with something that people really don't understand like mental illnesses and the problems that can happen with the brain and the nervous system. In my down time I play golf and chess, I read a lot of books and I enjoy being outside, especially this time of year when the leaves are beginning to fall and the weather starts to cool down.

     I decided to do my research on Frederick Douglass, I have always had a deep respect for him and the struggle that he went through on a daily basis. He had a gift that few people have ever had, the ability to stand up in front of large and often hostile groups of people and deliver a stirring and resounding speech. In the article that I read it talked about how he was at one point beaten daily and not fed, he was broken in "body, soul and spirit" yet he always hungered for freedom and once he finally gained it his journey still wasn't over. After he gained his freedom he spend his life as an abolitionist fighting for the equality and rights of his people as well as equal rights for women too. I didn't know that he was an advocate for women as well as an abolitionist.

     The poem I liked the most was "Bury Me in Free Land" by Frances Harper. The first time I read through the poems on the sheet I had trouble picking one specific poem to write about. All of them spoke to me in a slightly different way and it was difficult to choose which one I liked the most. When I read "Bury Me in Free Land" the second time it really stuck out and I decided that I would write about it. I don't think this poem was meant to be about land, it is an piece that is talking about wanting the whole country to abolish slavery. The language that she used throughout the poem is very descriptive and she does an excellent job of painting a picture of exactly what slavery is. Her use of similes work together with the overall tone of the poem in a way that I enjoyed reading and at the same time I felt a sadness as well. Based on when she died (1911) she was buried in free land like she had wanted.

     When I was younger, I read a biography of Vincent van Gogh, right away I noticed that he had some psychiatric problems and that contributed to his eventual suicide. During his life time he only sold a few paintings and in most cases he couldn't even give his work away. The thing that stuck out to me the most was the way that all of the people around him treated him consistently poorly when he was alive. I felt a strong connection to his story and I thought that perhaps I could have helped him. That's the driving reason I chose to persue psychiatry as a career. But in the end it was his profound sadness and lack of balance that influenced his many paintings, paintings that today are appreciated by many people today.


  1. That's awesome that you want to help people so much and get others to know more about mental illnesses. Are there any mental illnesses in particular that stick out to you that have made you really want to get in the career of being a psychiatrist or neurosurgeon?

    1. I care alot about and am fascinated by degenerative diseases like MS, Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

  2. I always like meeting other people that also enjoy playing golf. I also think it is cool that you want to go into a field studying mental illnesses, both my grandmother and great grandmother have suffered from bipolar disorder and dementia.

  3. I agree with you on the poem you chose. The others didnt seem to be really exciting except for this one. It just has such strong meaning and digs deep in tough social issue at that time and thats the same reason why I also chose that poem.

  4. That is so cool that you want to help people with mental illness. I am sure you are a very understanding and patient person to deal with the things that may happen when helping those people. You have a great dream Jacob! By the way this time of year is one of my favorite times too.

  5. That is awesome that you have a passion to help people who cannot help themselves! That is such an amazing quality to have, that is missing in a lot of people now-a-days. I also want to help people but in a less drastic way...I want to fix their smiles! I know it is not as big, but I am trying :) I also love fall too but I like summer so much more because I love swimming and not having school!


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