Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Poem by Preston Bryan

For this poem I used what Philippe Petit's reaction was when he got to New york and saw the towers for the first time. This has to do with his retain to it being an impossible task that he set out to do and overcoming that thought of impossibility to go out and make that dream a reality. Also i tried to describe the environment he felt while he was trying to accomplish this task.

At 24 I walked out of the subway and thought
That this city is old and full of towers
But at the same time I knew then there
That I loved it

As I stepped closer to the tower
Standing in there shadows
I looked up and said to myself
This is impossible

I snuck into these building
Got to the top and felt the wind
I was looking around and said
This is impossible

I waited patiently to with my dream intact
Got the materials I needed and made my climb
Set the wire between the buildings and
looked to see that it wasn't impossible


  1. I like how it's written from Petits perspective.

  2. I really like your repetition of the line "This is impossible". I think it really shows how Petite conquered his dream and I think that's the most important idea out of what he did.

  3. I think it was a good choice to choose the first person perspective. That makes me feel like im in his shoes walking across that wire.

  4. I like how you wrote the poem from his perspective it gives it an interesting twist.

  5. This goes to show nothing really is impossible.


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