Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grant Trainer - Philippe Petit Poem

My writing process for writing this poem was to try and not over think it. My poems often times turn out much better when i just write and don't sit there trying to think of the perfect poem. I wrote my poem in two different stanzas, the first one being about before he actually walks on the wire and the second one being during him walking on the wire. I also chose to use an AABB rhyme scheme in both the first and the second stanza.

Philippe Petit. The man on the wire.
Walking between these two buildings had become his most passionate desire
A seemingly impossible feat to do
but impossible was just a word, and he would not stop until he was through
In a city that was old, dirty, and full of skyscrapers
He was soon to be the newest buzz, front page news of the newspapers
It took many months to prepare for this act
an act so astonishing, the law had no choice but to give him a free pass

As he walks the wire, he is finally free
and there is no place, even beyond earth, the he would rather be
a bird in the sky, completely at peace
his true sanctuary, his true release
the time comes when the gods tell him it's time to step down
so he hops off of the rope, and onto the ground
to embrace his new fame, in an old, dirty town


  1. I really like the note you ended on. the contrast bewteen the fame and the old dirty town, and how he knew that it was time for him to step down.

  2. I like the tone and flow of your poem. and how you worded your stanzas. I also like the last line saying how he jumped down to embrace his fame in a dirty old town.

  3. I really like your poem, it kept me interested and I wanted to keep reading on! Good choices of words too.

  4. Loved the poem you did a much better job at the aabb pattern and it really kept me interested and told a story without sounding like one

  5. I like how your poem rhymes and how you describe the event.
    I love your last line in this poem, it really shows the comparison of how he now felt to how he felt in the beginning!


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