Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exercise One

"Am I really about to do this" he thought to himself,
He looked down and starred at the ground far bellow.
He finally let the motivation of doing this arise and took his first steps into the unknown.

Most would be afraid,just as the people walking by were bellow.
But he,he had no fear for it is a lack of knowledge,
He gracefully walked onto the wire and walked across the wire with elegance.
Halfway through he thought to himself "Wow, I am doing this, I have faith I can do it."

As the people bellow stood and starred up in complete awe,
He kept focus and did not stop as he walked across without a flaw.

As he was nearing the end he thought to himself,
"What shall I do now? I have fulfilled a dream of mine."
So he kept walking across that small little line.
And when he finished he took a leap onto the ledge,
For he knew he competed with an edge.

And as he stood there looking at this feat,
He knew that fear, the lack of knowledge was beat.
For he had no fear of what was to become of him.
Because he had no fear when the chances of success were so slim.

So as he descended the tower,
He knew he had ascended among the many who conquered their fears,
And accepted his fate with complaint.

This poem is about Philippe Petite who walked across a wire between the twin towers. I found it very interesting that someone would do this and actually walk across a wire, because personally I am afraid of heights and I would not be able to do as he did.


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