Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Writing Exercise One Poem: "Crossing the Boundries" ~ Haley ClevelandBull

The poem that I wrote I named “Crossing the Boundaries”, simply because it was one of the lines in my poem but also because when Philippe was on the high wire, to me it seemed like he was crossing the boundaries, he was not in the afterlife, yet he was not on Earth.  I did not really come to write my poem with any underlying plan.  When I write poetry, I tend to write out a few lines, and then revise and tweak them until I have my first stanza.  Once my first stanza is written it is much easier to write the rest completely out, as the words have already begun to flow.  The poem conventions that I have found in my poem are end-stopped lines, dialogue, some rhyming, and of course stanzas.


Crossing the Boundaries

A single line, balanced

Two energies of strength and power,

hold on and never let go,

for fear of descending down below.

Yielding the power of will,

the choice was made.

One small step taken,

a seemingly impossible feat,

can be done.

Crossing the boundaries,

between life and death.

Peering through the veil,

knowing with certainty it was not my time yet.

Looking into the sky,

the Gods truly smiled down upon me.

Indeed, this was truly a feat of pure “high wire poetry”.


  1. I really liked your poem it let you know what was happening without really knowing Philippe was a tight rope walker and crossed between the twin towers

  2. Really enjoyed this poem. Felt spiritual due to the use of the words, power, strength, the gods.

    1. I would have to agree, epically knowing that Philippe did believe in the gods of the sky and wind that others may not believe in makes the poem even more powerful.

  3. I liked your poem, it flows nicely and is very enjoying to the read. the first stanza grabbed my attention nicely.


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