Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Exploration 2

I am Stephen de San Jose, I am a freshman and my fun fact was I am an Eagle Scout. I am from Dublin, Ohio, I was in swimming for 6 years and rowing for 2. I am studying to become and Astronautical Engineer.

Fredrick Douglass was an Abolitionist leader born into slavery. He was one of the most famous intellectuals Mid to Late 1800's. He would advice presidents and gave lectures to many in countless causes, from women's rights to Irish home rule, Ireland being independent from England and having their own government. Douglass wrote many things, including many Autobiographies describing his time he spent in slavery and after the Civil War.

I found this poem very interesting to read. I found it interesting that the author 'wanted to do it all again.' I would if I was in his situation. I noticed all except two paragraphs in this poem were three lines long. I also found the language used to be powerful and meaningful throughout the poem.

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