Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cody Compton Philippe Petite poem

I wrote my poem about Philippe Pette's dreams, and how he didn't give up on those dreams. His perseverance to accomplish his dream, although he thought it was impossible, goes very far with me. Philippe was a go-getter, the kind of person that we need more of in this world. Many people today just give up when something gets hard. We cant to do that we have to set our goals high and do everything possible to accomplish them. I believe that anything worth doing isn't going to be easy.

Philippe Petite: The Go-Getter
He practiced and practiced,
he set his sights on the towers.
Fall after fall, he learned it all.
Then he left for America to chase his dreams.

When he finally arrived he spent months,
plotting his great escapade.
To get to the top,
 he pretended to be a construction worker.
Two-hundred and fifty feet of rope,
is what it took.

Overnight he sneaked his equipment up,
and set up his stage.
He thought it was impossible,
but he did it anyways.
On August Seventh, at seven a.m.,
he begun the show.
He was up there for forty-five minutes,
eight passes later he decided the show was over.
He was then arrested but all charges were dropped.

His only sentence was to preform.
 Philippe Petite was a go-getter,
a dying breed. He chased his dream,
although he saw it impossible.


  1. I really like the flow of your poem and how you added that he was a go-getter and dying breed. I totally agree, people are more and more giving up when things get hard and if something is hard then it will be worth it in the long run.

  2. I agree when you said "Philippe Petite was a go-getter, a dying breed" because there definitely aren't as many people nowadays that will go after crazy dreams like this one.


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