Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DJ Gregory profile

1) I found DJ Gregory's profile very interesting. What I found really surprising and interesting was that when the interviewer asks DJ about his golf game he replies by saying "it sucks (with a giggle)"  the reason I found this interesting is because even though he is bad at the game he still loves playing it. I was surprised by this because most people who are bad at something quit. However,DJ never gave up.
2.) In my opinion the purpose of this profile was to show that never give up on your dream. After watching this profile I felt motivated to reach my goal no matter what obstacles came in the way.
3.) DJ's profile doesn't remind me of anyone I personally know. But, it does remind me of someone I read about. I read a biography about a navy SEAL Adam brown who despite failing multiple times succeeded to join the most elite warriors of the united states military.

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