Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exploration 4- Luke Vest

Part 1.
To me, one of the most shocking things to do with the events that took place in 1989 in Tiananmen Square is what is today. Still, China does not recognize the events or accusations about it. When they renovated The National Museum of China in Tiananmen Square was open to the public in 2011, the building contained no exhibits mentioning the events of June 1989. This stood out to me because with all of the documentation to prove that it happened, they still like to pretend that it never did. See, this really gets me because its their own people. Like even with the Holocaust, today one can visit the museums in Germany, which are maintained and operated by Germany! To me, it just shows how bad of a situation China is in. 

This image is of people proesting in Tiananmen Square in May of 1989.

Part 2. 
Today, as in 1989, the Chinese people are still trying to gain rights, however unsuccessful. Really, to me this simply mans they are NOT ready for change. Feel free to disagree, but its true. We can look to history to show the rue, and not the exception, he greatest example of this off of the top of my head is Napoleon. If you do not know the story, look it up, it is worth your time. Basically, the soldiers sent to kill him, because he was wrecking havoc in Southern France after he returned from his exile, ended up joining him. The reason the is applicable is because its not the same in China. Men with power, and soldiers with guns, still are against the citizens. They cannot win this Battle for political freedom with out either the leaders, or military on their side.
this is Joshua Wong, 17. He is the founder of a pro-democracy student group called Scholarism. In 2012, he led as many as 120,000 people in a protest that overturned a pro-Communist school curriculum in Hong Kong. He has recently been labeled an 'extremist' by Chinas' state-run media. He has been arrested multiple times, however, he continues to fight for his rights.
He is important because he is causing a wake, and people are looking up to him for hope.


  1. No matter what China does, they will never switch to being democratic system. The people who at the top of their system like their life style too much to switch to democracy. On top of this, even if they were forced to switch to a different style of government, they would only advertise it as such but secretly keep their communist system alive.

    1. who are at** I wish this had an edit button... lol

  2. The picture of Joshua Wong makes me think how unthinkable it is that a 17 year old is one of the people who is leading this change in china for democracy.

  3. I liked the second picture you chose because it showed how strong willed the people were to have justice. I cannot believe that after he got arrested multiple times he still fights for his justice...thats amazing


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