Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 4

The thing at struck most important to me about the Tienanmen square protest 1989 was the brutal force the government used to disperse the crowd. I was surprised because instead of using nonlethal force like tear gas and water the government used lethal force killing more than 500 and wounding more than a thousand.
This is an image of the 2014 Hong kong protest. There are thousands of students/protestors gathered in the square. They are all shining their phone lights showing a sign of strength and unity. It also shows the medium through the protestors communicate and coordinate their activities which is their cell phones.
This is an image of Tienanmen square in 1989. This image shows the brutal force the government used to disperse the protestors.


  1. That is pretty insane. I think it was the message they were trying to get across and i think that is why nothing has happened until today.

  2. I guess the government got frustrated when the crowds wouldnt disperse, so they resorted to killing them.

  3. I like your first picture especially because the glowing phones show up in almost every picture taken from the Hong Kong protest. The citizens want no part of their protest or the tragedies that take place to be erased from history. They will document everything that happens.


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