Saturday, October 11, 2014

Exploration 4 : Brandon Kilgore

A couple of things that are interesting about the Tiananmen square macaque are the fact that after the event to government seized all print media on anything having to do with the event and blocked everything online that even mentioned the event. Most people born after 1989 don’t even know that this happened. Another thing that was interesting was after the event they expelled many foreign journalists and limited who could come into the country media wise, and they restricted what news channels can report on.

This picture just shows the shear destruction that occurred due to the protest, and usually many people don't protest in this violent of away unless they feel there is something they truly want or feel they have been deprived of, or rights that have been with held.

This picture shows a young man holding a sign which essentially says let us decide what we want for Hong Kong not dictators who say its a democracy.

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