Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration Four - Lorenzo Palma

Part One:

What really surprised me while doing research on the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, I found that in 2006, Google actually agreed to censor their site to abolish all public evidence regarding Tiananmen Square and the events that happened in 1989. Google did not present the information on their websites until 2010 when they decided that it was wrong to hide that information from the public. What we need to learn from this is that, as boring and useless we think history is, it's very important to learn it so that we don't make the same mistake in the future. But when China (Google) hid that history from the public, it would've been a lot more likely to see events like that happening again.

Part Two:

This image shows the extent of the people who fight for their own rights will go in order to at least get a chance to make a change in their country for the good of the people. These people are living in, what basically would be a very similar situation as anyone would be in, living in the slums. With blankets for roofs and beds and nothing else but the clothes on their backs.

This image also shows the brutality and the physical pain that protestors go through in order to put out a message and make a difference in their country. The students are wearing body suits and donning umbrellas because they are constantly sprayed with pepper spray so they are trying to protect themselves for the sake of the mission towards democracy in Hong Kong.


  1. it amazes me that Google would censor something that was a key part of the history of Tiananmen Square.

  2. I am surprised to the extant the protestors were willing to go to make a change for their country. Even if that meant enduring constant contact with pepper spray.

  3. The first picture really portrays the living conditions that they had to face and helped my have a visual of how bad they had it. I liked how it showed how they were living.

  4. The second photo is so powerful. I can't believe that the students are still fighting for their rights while being drowned in pepper spray!


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