Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 4 Dillon Quigley

What is known as the June Fourth incident, it is unknown how many people died. The hard facts haven't left china but the range is from a few hundred people to a few thousand people. It is extremely interesting how such facts can be kept inside the country without leaking into the rest of the world. It shows how powerful the government is and how they can control information.
The power of the people, or so they thought.
this picture shows that the people really do want a say. They are packed into a little area so tightly all for a cause they believe in.

The amount of suffering these students are willing to go threw to stand up for what they believe is  mind blowing. It shows that the Chinese government is really trying to put a stop to the protests.


  1. Your pictures that you used are very interesting. The second one is hard to look at as the people are getting smoked out, while others are trying to document the horrors of the Chinese governments domination.

  2. The first picture you used really shows how powerful it is that so many people were there to protest what they believe in.

  3. You're second picture, of the hong kong protest, is a very powerful picture, it really shows how much the students are willing to go through.


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