Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DJ Gregory Profile Response

1. When I was watching this, what the CBS announcer said about what he'd do to be able to put DJ Gregory up to the announcer's booth which was, "If I had to carry him on my shoulders just to get him up there, I'll do it!". It just really stood out to me what kind of actions that DJ brings out in people.

2. I feel that the purpose of the profile was to inspire. I felt the perseverance and the determination that DJ Gregory had by walking the whole PGA tour which was something that no one would expect him to be able to do. Like he said in the beginning of the profile, "I like to challenge myself, where I do something someone doesn't expect me to be able to do, but I know that I can do it."

3. DJ Gregory reminds me of one of my friends who couldn't walk also. Although, he didn't need a cane to walk he had braces around his shins to keep his legs stable enough to be able to take steps. When he was a kid he was fascinated by baseball and basketball and he always wanted to play it, but his parents said his disability would prohibit him from doing so. But nowadays he plays both baseball and basketball and he has been for 5 years now. He plays in a league with other people with disabilities but he's doing something that he was never expected to be able to do.

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