Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 5

     The story that I have enjoyed the most, I would have to say is the one about the dentist.
This story has a number of funny parts, namely when Curt convinced the army dentist to pull out his perfectly good tooth for no good reason. I supose that he was trying to save face because he resisted the exam earlier, it just struck me as odd why he would do that.
     The charactor that i like the best so far was Elroy Berdahl. He was a very helpful charactor in the rainy river story because he seemed to know what Tim was doing, he was the wise old man figure that apears often in stories. But he went even further then just giving Tim a place to stay and a part time job, he actually took him out on the rainy river before he decided that what he was doign was "cowerdly".

     During my active reading I kept comming across all of the odd things that the soldiers were carying.  Tim O'Brien does a unique job of charactorizing the soldiers by the things they carried. This convention is at its best when you see how it makes the soldiers human. when you read about how they caried sunglasses, goodluck charms and even slippers its hard not to be able to identify with the charaters, and i like that in a book.

     "Lee Strunk and Dave Jenson got intoa fistfight. It was over something stupid- a missing knife- but even so the fight was viscious." This caught me because it shocked me. These people are supposed to be freinds and they get into a fistfight over something stupid, something meaningless. I like the way that Dave stole a pistol and broke his own nose with it as a sign of good faith. that was a good end to the story i think and it shows that they stayed freinds.

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