Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 4: Hans Hartle

Part 1:

The most important thing to remember and learn from the Tiananmen Square protest is how strong China's government has become. Although the Chinese government try to portray their country as a peaceful, prosperous place to live where the government is fair to all, if you try to act out what we as Americans see as a freedom, their government will punish you. Protest to us may be considered as annoying, but our protected under our freedom of speech and assembly, while in China, these are seen as a threat to their dominance. The Chinese government enjoys Communism due to the fact it favors them, they live prosperous at the pain of their people. In the end, even if you pull of a successful protest, the government can flex larger than the people showing off their military dominance.

Part 2:

This picture demonstrates the vast numbers of protestors in Tiananmen Square in June of 1989. Although they had strength in numbers, they were no match for China's military.

 This picture shows Hong Kong's protest which looks eerily similar to the Tiananmen Square protest over 2 decades ago. The people here use their phones to record every event that goes on so that it will not be erased from history.


  1. I like how the picture you chose to use for the Tiananmen Square protests gives evidence of how strong the Chinese government is. No matter how many people gathered at Tiananmen Square the government crushed them all.

  2. I to chose a picture like you did for Tiananmen Square, to show the vast size of the people protesting. In a way its amazing, we have never seen such a large protest in America.

  3. I like that you chose pictures similar to one another. it makes it seem like past and present. How they both are similar and could potentially have a similar result.


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