Monday, October 13, 2014

Exploration 4 - Andrew Balsiger

     One thing that stood out to me when researching about the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 was that about a decade before them there was also a protest where peopl gathered in the Tiananmen Square  and the government used force to clear it out and about 60 people were secretly beheaded. This just shows that the Chinese government is not afraid to use lethal force in order to maintain there rule over China.

Tiananmen Square: Tanks remain in Tiananmen Square

This picture was taken days after the government broke up the protests in Tiananmen Square. This stood out because even though the protests in the square were completely crushed the Chinese government left the tanks in the square to make a statement to the Chinese citizens.

This image was taken back in May in Hong Kong and it shows how dedicated the protesters really are. They are basically saying they will sacrifice their lives to make sure Hong Kong gets its democracy.


  1. I also found out that there were earlier protest there but i didnt know they had 60 people beheaded! I can definetly see why this photo and fact stood out to you.

  2. The last picture you used that says "They can kill us all", really is a powerful image because you're right, it shows how much they were determined to show how dedicated they are and are willing to sacrifice their lives.

  3. The first picture I think it really effective. I've seen pictures of how many people were there and then to see nothing but the tanks shows how the Chinese government just solved the problem and got all the protesters gone. The picture makes me feel scared just seeing all those intimidating tanks.


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