Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Exploration 5-Hailey Jackson

1.       The story that has meant the most so far is the one about Jimmy Cross and Martha. I really like this because well for one, I like romantic stories but also because I feel like if I was him, I’d do something similar. I would deal with the stress in the same way. It shows me just how the war affected him and made him a little crazy and then when he decides to let her go so he could put his men first: “He felt Shame. He hated himself. He had loved Martha more than his men, and as a consequence Lavender was now dead, and this was something he would have to carry like a stone in his stomach for the rest of the war.”
2.       I think I can connect with Tim O’brien the most. If I was drafted, I would feel just as devastated as he did and I would try and run away, but due to embarrassment, come back. Also, how Tim was affected when he killed that guy. I would never be able to let it go and I would go into a weird shock.  I think O’brien at the time was an average kid with a lot of optimism about the world and cared lot. I think he was a gentle guy who always listened to everyone.
3.       With the way Tim writes, he jumps around or changes topic quickly. In one chapter he will go back and forth from two different subjects/topic. Also the way he writes, he’ll have a long paragraph and then it’ll be interrupted by a dramatic/important statement. Sometimes it’s the most important sentence of the whole thing and I really like that.
4.       Like I explained in number 3 I really like how Tim will tell a story and then interrupt it with a powerful statement. One I really liked was on page 107 when he writes, “Mark Fossie stood rigid.
“Do something,” he whispered. “I can’t just let her go like that.”
Rat listened for a time, then shook his head.

“Man, you must be deaf. She’s already gone.” 


  1. Honestly I feel the same way too about running from the draft. I would be terrified to be drafted but I would eventually just go out of embarrassment.

  2. I like the way Tim will interrupt a story with a powerful statement as well. It adds suspense and makes the book more interesting to read.

  3. Like Cody said, I like the way Tim jumps around between topics, kind of showing chaos or the state of being unorganized which is kind of like what you would experience at war.

  4. I can say that I would also run. I would make a terrible solider. But in the end he knew that he had to go, otherwise he couldnt live with himself. Now whether or not he made the correct choice remains to be seen.


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