Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Exploration 5: Jorden Greene

The chapter that has meant the most to me so far would have to be Friends. I chose this one because it really materializes true friendship with the pact of ending a life if something terrible would happen. I might not go that far with my best friend but we have been through a lot. I feel like I connect with Dave Jensen the most because he was the field hygiene man and well if I was in the war that's what I'd be. I really enjoy how he talks about each individual character, telling how they carried their physical items and emotional baggage. "But it was not battle, it was just the endless march, village to village, without purpose, nothing won nothing lost. They marched for the sake of the march."  This passage really showed how the men felt about their tour in Vietnam. Just marching to march from village to village. Seeming like nothing was ever accomplished.

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  1. If you were to talk to anyone about Vietnam i feel they would say what your last sentence says, that nothing was accomplished nothing but death.


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