Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Exploration 5 - Preston Bryan

1. The story that has been told in The Things They carry would have to be "how to tell a true war story". The way Tim O'Brien writes this chapter to me seams to discredit him but at the same time it give him the most credit. By saying that war stories are just the truth stretched out it helps to give him the credibility that he need to be able to effectively tell a true war story. Such as when he said that "when someone die you turn away then turn back again". This line tell you that what is being told is not the most accurate thing and from a humans point of view.

2. The character who I connect with the best so far in the story would have to be Rat Kiley. This is because he the type of guy who is will do what needs done . Rat Kiley's qualities include being a liar who the other men only will believe less then half of what he says.

3. In how the tell a true war story one of the parts I marked as a convention of narrative is where Rat Kiley is shooting the water buffalo because he is sad over the death of Curt Lemon. This shows how O'Brien is showing us the sense and emotion that the other character are going through as they experience the war.

4. A passage that I marked in the text is"The parts were just hanging there, so Dave Jensen and I were ordered to shinny up and peel him off. I remember the white bone of an arm. I remember pieces of skin and something wet and yellow that must've been the intestines. The gore was horrible, and stays with me. But what wakes me up twenty years later is Dave Jensen singing "Lemon Tree" as we threw down the parts." This impacted me because the thought of having to clean up someones body from a tree and then having someone sing while doing it would be really creepy and be something you could never forget.


  1. I like how because Rat Kiley is a liar you never know if the story about the girl is true or made up! The buffallo scene is very vivid.

  2. I agree with your point about Rat and the buffalo, The way he describes the situation and all the people around really shows the emotion of dealing with death.

  3. the emotion shows that people can go from strangers to knowing and caring about someone in a matter of minutes.


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