Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exploration four

Once again I chose an image from Time. This picture shows why they are calling it the umbrella riots. The government forces are gassing the protesters in an effort to force them to disband. We don't yet know how this one will end, but if history is an indicator then we have a good idea where this is headed.
The cover of Time really captures the massacre well. The contrast between the bloody body and the crowds that still haven't backed down is striking.
The most important and striking thing about the protests in 1989 was the scale. I saw some pictures that showed the scale of the protests. There were thousands of people occupying the square until the military decided to use force to dispel them. I did see the "tank man" picture and I admire the courage that that would have taken. I cannot figure out the reason why the tank didn't just run him over and move on, and  we will likely never know why the tank didn't.


  1. The cover of times magazine really helps to show what happened at Tiananmen Square showing a dead body on the cover gets the message out of want was happening at that time.

  2. I agree, judging on the history of how china handled riots, the "umbrella Riots" probably will not end without bloodshed.


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