Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reading/Viewing Homework TED Talks from Mike Lohre

Here is a link to the TED presentation we watched in class:

Here is a link to the list of TED talks so you can find one that you are interested in to watch/read this weekend.

Here's the prompt from your assignmetns for Monday:

Watch and actively listen to a Ted Talk presentation of your choice.  See links above.  In the Comments section, write a response:
First, summarize the main ideas and purpose in this talk so we know what it was about. 
Then analyze: how does the speaker use PowerPoint or other media?  What does this speaker do well to convince you?  What might have been better?  


  1. I read a ted talk about the military's case of sharing knowledge. Stanly McChrystal talked about how they always kept information classified and only gave that information to certain people, and how it was hard to figure out who needed that information. So they started sharing all the information with everyone and they found information is only of value if its in the hands of people who can do something with it. He also said knowledge isn't power sharing is power, which makes sense because the more people that know something the more power that subject or info has.

    Stanly doesn't use very many powerpoint slides I think he used 4. These slides were mostly pictures or images that helped him explain his point. So these images had a large effect because they weren't just restating what he was saying in words on a slide. He also uses examples from the war which helps convince you that this idea actually works, and that it has been proven, not just a theory. There wasn't anything that I could see that he could have done better, he explained everything very thoroughly.

  2. i watched a video called "My friend Richard Feynman" as a resource for my presentation on the man and why he was iconic. The speakers name is Leonard Susskind, a friend of Feynmans and fellow physicist. The talk is essentially Susskind reminiscing about the fun times and the personality of one of the 20th centuries great scientists. It has a number of anicdotes, I can say that Susskind spins a very good yarn. He didnt use any tools like powerpoint or slides, instead he seemed to only have few notes on paper that he would glance at every couple of minutes. He really made an incredible person seem human and relatable through his use of stories and memories. I enjoyed hearing the stories and i look forward to giving my talk tomorrow.

  3. I watched Life Lessons From Big Cats. The main idea and purpose is about all the African big cats and how they are becoming endangered. They start out showing their time they spent and how they watched the leopards and lions. They show that these cats have different personalities and that the other animals in Africa can show people inspiration. The speaker uses photos and videos from their time to show what they saw and help people understand the problem. I feel like it pulls at people's emotions because they show a baby leopard and all the wonderful things that happened. They tell stories from their time in Africa. They have convinced me to want to help stop poaching and save the cats. If they all die off it will throw off the whole ecosystem. The main idea is to make people aware of what is happening and why it is a problem.

  4. I watched What's next in 3d printing. The focus of this presentation was to show off what 3d printing has done and to tell us what 3d printing is going to do in the future. The speaker brought up the fact that 3d printing is something that is changing the way that the manufacturing process works and is going to continue to how things are done. One example that he brought up is do you know the distance between your eyes. He did this to show that knowing this information you can make a pair of sunglasses that are the perfect fit for you. Another thing that he said is that with 3d printing engineers have been able to make a space probe that is a fraction of the size, weight and cost that NASA has been able to do in the past.
    The speaker made use of use of powerpoint to show off pictures of things that have been 3d printed. He also used it to show how 3d printing has effect people who were able to make use of it. Along with powerpoint the speaker also showed off things that have been 3d printed. He had with him a pair off 3d printed glasses that were designed to fit him perfectly. Also he other items such as shoes that were 3d printed.

  5. I watched One More Reason to get a Good Night's Sleep. The main topic in this presentation was how the brain uses sleep as a restorative function. The brain uses one fourth of all the body's energy even though the brain only takes up about two percent of the body's mass. Because of the high use of energy, the cells in the brain create a lot of waste. Most other organs have disposals in them to allow the cells waste to run into the blood stream to be disposed of, but the brain has none of these. Instead the brain flushes CSF fluids through the cells of the brain to clear the waste. This process only happens while we sleep.
    The speaker used videos and diagrams throughout the presentation, which helped show the audience what he was talking about. The speaker used a lot of medical statistics and facts to back up his point. He was very convincing. I thought his presentation was great. He maybe could have used a few more pictures, but other than that I do not think it needed any improvement.

  6. Hey. So i watched "To This Day ... for the bullied and beautiful" by Shane Koyczan. First off, it was actually inspirational, and if you have time, it really is worth looking at. His story is about his childhood, growing up, and the struggles one faces along the way. Shane is easy to relate to, no matter what your story is. He talks of how through all the struggles and torment he faced along his life, how he came to a better understanding of himself, and how he views the world.
    For the most of the oral poetry and story, there is nothing to look at. He captivates you and gets your attention with his speaking and his gestures. Towards the end, there is a side animation as Shane talks about his story.

  7. I watched "why we need to end the war on drugs" by Ethan Nadelmann. The main idea of this talk is why the war on drugs does more harm than good. He also tells us what we should do instead, such as focus more on treating addiction as a disease rather than criminalizing the drugs. He gives evidence to support his claims such as what has happened in other countries. Another example is that many recovering heroine addicts say quitting cigarettes is harder than heroine. Even with this in mind, half of all Americans that have smoked have quit although it is completely legal.
    The speaker uses no tools except talking to the audience. He is very convincing because he has evidence to back up all of his claims. He is also very confident and knows what he is talking about. He has done research and acquired real facts and evidence.

  8. I watched How to "Upgrade Democracy for the Internet Era" by Pia Mancini. This video's purpose was to bring light to how we should approach our government with the new technology we have today. She spoke about using an open source mobile platform such as a cellphone app etc. By doing so you could vote on representatives and levies etc. The speaker used slide show solely for pictures not information. All of her info came from her mind. I feel she did very well.

  9. "How to grow a tiny forest anywhere" was a very interesting ted talk. Shubhendu Sharma talked about the company where he joined with Dr. Akira Miyawak as a volunteeer to grown these tiny forests. The size of the forests they start are the size of 6 parked vehicles. The purpose of this project and video is to convince us as people to join them and create these forests that way we can help better the planet.
    His main use of power point is pictures of barren lands then to show pictures of these dense forests. He also uses stats and Eco styled slides to prove a point. He uses the example of his back yard which within 3 years has made it into a forest so dense you cant walk threw it. I would have explained the company a little bit better he does well but you don't end the video thinking you know why they want to forests.


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