Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Exploration 7: Lilyan Eldadah

We read through the Manifestos and the Petitions sections of this chapter. One thing from my reading that I noticed as crucial or very important in Chapter 6 was one important role of manifestos is to show new identities.

First Things First 2000 Manifesto
Purpose: The purpose of this Manifesto was bring back the first manifesto and recreate its purpose, only in the First Things First Manifesto the writing was well-written and more effective to the readers
Effects: I thought that this manifesto was effective in the way that it used ethos, especially in the last paragraphs, but it was not as effective to me because it didn’t really touch my heart in the way they used ethos.
Evidence: Not a lot of evidence was used in this manifesto but referring to the first manifesto and the personal descriptions of the graphic designers and the way they felt during and after the situation.
Writing at Best: Like I previously said before the best part was the last paragraph because there was strong emotional appeal throughout those paragraphs. Also the part where it states, “Many of us have grown increasingly uncomfortable with this view of design. Designers who devote their efforts primarily to advertising, marketing and brand development and supporting, and implicitly endorsing, a mental environment so saturated with commercial messages that it is changing the very way citizen-customers speak, think, feel, respond and interact” was another place the writing was at its best because it used ethos appeals well and helped the readers see what the graphic designers had to go through and feel their sympathy.

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  1. That was a really great quote that they included in there to prove their point. I feel like the word choice was really strong and powerful to get their message across. It also explains why they started this petition, which they need to do.


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