Sunday, November 2, 2014

Class Dismissed: Malala's Story

I think Malala is a admirable person, and has a noble cause. She is in a society,where, In Swat, Pakistan, the Taliban has over run the city, and are imposing their rules on the civilians there. One of them includes the exclusion of women from education. The documentary is focused on this. when interviewed, Malala's father says, "Pakistan has become a land of Taliban rule." However, instead of leaving, for a while he, and his family, stay in Swat, even after a lot of the city has left. He believes it is important to be there. He states, "If i die here, my death will have been worth it."
In this place of the world, nothing is done without a lot of pressure from the people in society. Malala's father says in an interview, "If you want something, especially in a third-world country, you have to scream to get it." This shows how a democracy is not prevalent, and the only way to get anything done in this country is by force. At the end of the documentary, Malala describes Swat as, a "Paradise Lost".

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