Monday, November 10, 2014

Exploration 7: Jorden Greene

Within chapter 6 we looked at several petitions and manifestos. Something that I found throughout my reading that I felt was very important was that for a petition you must use hard proof and evidence to sway the reader to join your cause, such as the "Stimulate the Economy-Forgive Student Loans" petition that was targeted towards President Obama.

I found this article quite compelling. I do believe that I would be to the countries benefit to forgive the student loan debt rather than bail failing businesses out. Students that have the ability to mold the future would do more good if they didn't have the debt than a failing business being revived just to slowly die again. I feel that this article was effective because the author (Kevin Bartoy) makes some rather compelling points. Bartoy states, " This debt inhibits many of these young people from achieving their dreams and making productive contributions to America and the American economy." It may be effective but Bartoy lacks actual evidence, it only really hits your emotions with theory. The writing is at its best when Bartoy states, "If this real wealth was freed, our educated masses could spend that money by creating new businesses, which in turn would create new jobs." He really tells the reader how relieving the student loan debt would effect the economy.


  1. I totally agree with you that students would do more good if they didn't have the debt. Debt has become just a part of many peoples lives, and they assume that it is okay to get in so much debt at such a young age, sometimes without a choice. The quote you used did a really good job of showing what the article was all about.

  2. I definately agree, that one of the most important part of our reading was for a public document to have credibility each document must have sufficient evidence when promoting a cause.

  3. I think that having petition involving a hard proof to catch the readers attention is a unique think that petition seem to do very affectively and help to get the message that the author is trying to bring forward in the most effective way possible.

  4. I strongly agree with your statement about how students would perform if they didn't have as much debt. It's what really draws people away from, what potentially might be, the education that they need to become what they aspire to be.


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