Monday, November 3, 2014

Comments response to Malala's Story. From Mike Lohre

Take notes on the documentary Class Dismissed: Malala's Story found at

Homework: In the Comments section, write a response to this short documentary. 

If you were reviewing this for another, would you give it a positive, negative, or mixed review?  Why?

What evidence or information from the film and Malala's story would you use to support this conclusion?

Use evidence from your notes and a direct quote somewhere in your response.

She has a voice with the purity of the principled.  This is Malala Yousafzai.


  1. I would give this documentary a mixed review. It was very informative but i felt it jumped around a little. At one point it would be very factual then all of a sudden it would jump to just emotion and the family. At one point i was confused on if this was about the girl and her family or about the city of swat itself. I would use parts of the documentary such as the facts about how there are more than 200 schools closed down and that the news only thriving business going on. to the point of she changed what she wanted to do from being a doctor to go into politics.

  2. I agree, the film makers seemed to have a hard time settling on whether they wanted to take an emotional or a cut and dry factual stance. I find it hard to understand why a young girl shouldn't get an education, Its a shame that in her culture she had to fight for something that most of us take for granted. I am glad that she survived the assassination attempt a few years ago and it was a great thing that she won a Nobel this year for all the work that she has done. I look forward to all of the good she will do in the future.

  3. I would give this documentary a positive review. The reason I would do this is because i think the director did a great job giving you facts about swat and what life is like there. They also did a good job when explaining about girls and schooling. How they were not allowed to go anymore after a certain date and the other problems they face. "January 15th is the last day that women are allowed to go to school, after this the Taliban have prohibited it." All in all i thought it was a great film with a very interesting subject.

  4. This is from Shavran:

    Malala Yousafzai, is a young pakistani girl, who likes in swat valley region of Pakistan. Her father runs a girls school in swat. However, the taliban group has taken over swat in the recent years. The taliban try to prevent girls for going to school by spreading fear. They have threatened Malala's father to close the school. When things get out of control Malala's family and other residents evacuate Swat.This film makes me realize how harsh the conditions are in the other parts of the world; and how much those parts of the world value education.


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