Sunday, November 2, 2014

Class Dismissed: Malala's Story

Malala Yousafzai's story about living in Swat, Pakistan as the Taliban came in 2007, going from a peaceful town to a town of utter chaos and feeling like they were in the middle of war at their home at nights, really made an impact on me. Not only was Malala able to go to school, she actually looked forward to learning and achieving her future goals. When the school was taken away from her on January 15th, it made me realize what school meant to Malala. Seeing the love she had for learning made me appreciate having the priviledge of being able to go to school no matter my gender, without having threats by the Taliban made. "Our dreams are shattered and we are destroyed." That was the quote that caught my attention that was said after the doors to Malala's fathers School for Girls was shut down in Swat. Malala's story has made me appreciate the rights of women being able to have an education in the United States even more than I did before.

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